Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kayla's Trip to Universal Studios

This past Friday Kayla got invited to go to Universal Studios with her best friend, Tiffany, to celebrate her birthday.   She had been talking about Universal for months because Tiffany and her family had gotten passes and Kayla had been dying to go!  When I told her she would be missing school to go with Tiffany on her birthday she almost cried, she was so excited!

This was also her first time going somewhere with a friend all day and far away.   I had asked her mom to send me a picture or two if she took any and she said of course.  I had no idea she would send me so many and it totally put me at ease seeing pictures throughout the day and knowing Kayla was having such a fantastic time.

Kayla LOVES dragons!

Before they even went into the park they did some shopping.  They loved the bath shop and Kayla came home with four different amazing smelling bath bombs she bought.

Donut shaped soaps

Ready to go in!

Her friend Tiffany, is obsessed with Harry Potter so she couldn't wait to show Kayla Hogwarts

Kayla got to try out some "Butter Beer"

A giant pink donut with sprinkles that they all shared for Tiffany's birthday.

She had such an amazing time and I'm so happy she has such a wonderful friend to spend her time with and experience things with like this.

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