Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring Break

Spring Break started a day early for us.  Since Kayla was missing school to go to Universal Studios on Friday I surprised Brooklyn with a little ditch day of her own.  She really didn't want to go to school on Friday knowing that her sister was going to be having a fun day at Universal so she was so happy when she found out she would be going to the movies with mommy and shopping as well!

I'm so glad I had a day of fun planned with Brooklyn because it helped keep my mind off of worrying about Kayla being gone all day with a friend.

Brooklyn and I hit up Target and Old Navy first.  This girl loves her some clothes and shoes!!  I had to pull her away from the shoes because she already has a lot.

After some shopping we went and saw the Peter Rabbit movie which we both really liked.  It was a lot cuter than I thought it was going to be! 

Before heading home we stopped by Justice for a little more shopping!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for soccer!  Kayla had two games and they were both in two different cities so we were running around most of the day

They won their first game 6 - 0

Time for game # 2

They won 9 - 0!!!

We came home and packed because we were leaving to go camping Sunday morning but first we had to once again say goodbye to Kayla because she was off to her very first sleepover!!!   Two big milestones for this mama heart back to back.  I thought having her gone all day on Friday being away with a friend and then leaving for her first sleepover was gonna break me but luckily I happily dropped that kid off at her friends house and ran back to my truck.  She was so tired Saturday after her games that she was cranky and the attitude was running so I was very much fine leaving her at a sleepover where I knew she would be having fun and we could happily enjoy our Saturday night without the eye rolls!

As soon as we dropped her off we took this single child out to dinner with us.  Thank goodness she was a delight and even though she really missed her sister she enjoyed all of the attention she got two nights in a row!

Sunday after picking up Kayla from her sleepover, which she had a great time at, we left to go camping.  We came home Wednesday afternoon and it was so nice to be back home and I was ready to plan our Easter Sunday details with a nice glass of wine.

We also watched the movie Leap while we ate dinner in the family room.  I love that the girls are old enough to eat in here with us and we can all get comfy and watch a movie together.   Brooklyn picked the move, Leap because it was about a ballerina who goes to Paris to dance, it was right up her alley and very cute!

Thursday morning I mopped floors and Brooklyn made Vinnie a bunny hat for Easter.

Warm weather and running errands most of the afternoon called for a stop for a Wendy's Frosty before coming home.

Friday the girls were playing restaurant in their rooms and they had a special guest come by for a taste

Kayla had a paint party Friday afternoon and they were painting Sea Otters.  They were nice enough to ask Brooklyn to join in as well.

The mom even talked me into painting with her.  I've secretly been wanting to try these paint parties because I've never really tried painting and because usually the paintings look super cute but I wasn't so sure about painting the otters because they looked a little hard.   Sure enough the instructor said the Otters were pretty hard for beginners as well as Stitch from Lilo & Stitch which is the other painting my girls had done at a previous party.

Anyhow I loved my otters, I think they came out pretty good for never really painting anything in my life.   I will say though that this was in no way relaxing to me in any way.  I could feel my back tensing up while painting these darn things so if I ever paint again at one of these parties I'm hoping it's something a whole lot easier!

All the girls had so much fun and seriously I LOVE kids art!

The girls otters came out so cute!
Brooklyn was a little bummed because she tried to add a top hat to one of her otters and clearly there wasn't enough room so it got a little messed up but still they are adorable and they both said they would be on board with me taking them to the local Art Barn for more painting over the Summertime so Yay!

 Today the girls dyed Easter eggs and we've been cleaning, baking and prepping for our Easter Sunday Celebrations.   Both of the girls are excited for the bunny to come tonight and can't wait to see what he leaves behind.  I hope they get some fun goodies!


Kelli said...

It sounds like you had a fun week. Juliana LOVES shopping as well and we hit up Old Navy and Target this week...nothing fits her!
I love the sea otter painting!
Have a Happy Easter!!

Tara said...

Your spring break weather looks amazing! We are off next week to temps around 40!