Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March Recap

When looking back at all of these pictures it feels like they happened so long ago but it was just a few weeks ago!  March has been busy with soccer, Spring Break, Easter and just life happening in general.  The girls are already in their last two months of school and I'm super excited for Summer but in all reality I'm wishing it could all slow down!!!

This month Brooklyn started waking up early and getting her own breakfast and making her own lunch just about every day!  She's always been my best helper and loves to do things on her own.  She packs her fruit, makes her sandwich adds a snack and her water all by herself.

On Dr Seuss' Birthday Brooklyn's class got to bring in a stuffed animal and a towel to lay on because they would be reading most of the day.  Brooklyn chose her favorite stuffed animal, Millie and they wore matching outfits for the day.

Our community put it in the cutest free library stand in one of our parks and the girls and I have already been several times to drop off books and to find some new ones!

We celebrated my moms birthday this month and all got together at a nearby pizza spot for dinner.

Grandma with all her grandbabies!

I've loved having some Saturday nights at home where we could all slow down and just read a book and relax!

A trip to Trader Joe's always puts me in a good mood!

Kayla missed a full week of school in March due to a nasty cough that would not go away!  I took her to the doctor and they put her on antibiotics to see if that would help.

Brooklyn got checked as well because she was coming down with the same cough but luckily hers cleared up right away and she was fine.

Not happy having to wait a few hours for the doctor!

There was a lot of resting going on for Kayla this month

and I'm pretty sure Vinnie enjoyed having an extra cuddle buddy home with him

Kayla's cough never quite went away so we eventually took her back to the doctor and she is now on an inhaler for allergies which has helped tremendously.   They did a bunch of tests on her and found out she does have a few environmental allergies.  I'm just happy she is back to her normal self because she was miserable for a week and a half straight!   I also was going a bit insane being stuck at home day after day so thankfully one of the days hubby came home early so I could get out for a few hours.  I grabbed a Starbucks and shopped the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Marshals.

Brooklyn LOVES a good weekend especially when it involves staying home in her pajamas all day and being able to play with her toys!

I swear every single one of Kayla's friends has had a birthday in March!  She has had a ton of parties to go to and one of them was at an indoor soccer arena where all of the girls got to play soccer for a few hours before enjoying cake and ice cream.

Parties sure do make you tired the next morning especially when you have to wake up early for school!

Soccer is still in full effect.   She'll be done for a bit when schools out and then start up again in August for league.  She's having so much fun and I've loved watching her team play especially since they are doing so good.

Cali had her yearly check up and had to get a few shots.  Can you tell she isn't too happy here?  I felt so bad seeing her sad little face while we drove to the vet.

Back at home and happy!

Brooklyn is so crafty and loves to create.  Right before bed one night she made a toucan all on her own.  She remembered making one in class a few days earlier and got to work and made one for her bedroom.

She also loves to write stories like Kayla and I walked past her room one day and saw she had created the cutest little spot for her to do some writing.

These two hold hands all the time and while I was making school lunches one morning I noticed they were holding hands while eating breakfast!  I mean can you even???  They love each other so much.

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Cindy said...

I absolutely love that your girls hold hands! My two youngest (4 years apart) fought a lot growing up but now they are each others best friend. Your girls are so amazing, creative, athletic, beautiful!