Sunday, April 8, 2018

Easter 2018

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter Sunday at our home.  It started as usual with the girls excited to run down the hallway and see what the bunny had left them in their baskets followed by an egg hunt around the house.   Later in the afternoon the rest of the family joined us to celebrate.

Baskets were filled with swimsuits, flip flops, a book, hatchimals, a bath bomb, Starbucks gift card, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, a few chocolates and other treats and some squishies.

Kayla holding Brooklyn back so she could be first to the baskets.

Even the animals were excited to see what was inside the eggs!

Our home decorated for the holiday

Bunnies waiting for my nieces and nephew

It's not a party without lots of food to snack on

Brooklyn and Jonas playing with the bubble wands

Both of the girls love their great grandmother so much.  They never hesitate to cuddle up right beside her and chat with her about who knows what for such a long time!

Kayla, Brooklyn and Jonas ready for the egg hunt!

Tessa arrived later and walked right on over to  Josie to give her a hug as soon as she saw her.

Everyone piling their plates with food to enjoy

Uncle Joe always needs a nap after a full tummy

My sister in law brought an egg game for us all to play after we ate.   Kayla and her Noni were the last two standing.

It was a beautiful Sunday spent with family and perfect weather!

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