Friday, April 27, 2018

School Field Trips

As of today we are down to only five more weeks of school!   Which basically means there are a lot of fun days ahead and it's going to go by fast.  There are a lot of school activities coming up  as well as a few more little field trips.   Both of the girls had their fist school field trips this month and I went along for both of them.   

Kayla got to visit Riley's Farms to learn about The Battle of Bunker Hill.  There were a bunch of stations set up where the kids got to learn about the jobs as well as the way of life back in that time.

Kayla and her bestie Tiffany learning how to play a few games that were played back in the day

Below Kayla is trying to save her friend from being thrown into jail.   The people that work at Riley's Farm take these reenactments very seriously, dressing the part and using the appropriate accents as well.   A few of them were very funny and did a great job of making the field trip fun for the kids.

At the very end of the field trip the kids were able to reenact the war and it was so neat to watch.

A lot of the students agreed that this was one of their favorite field trips they had gone on and I would agree that it was the most informational and fun out of all of the trips I had gone on with them.

I enjoyed spending the day with Kayla on our last field trip together!   When we got back to school Brooklyn was so excited to see her big sister after a day without her on campus.  I love that they hold hands so much and that Kayla even lets her little sister hold her hand!

This week Brooklyn had her second grade field trip.   Hers was definitely not as exciting as Kayla's was and she wasn't all that thrilled to be going but after it was over she said she enjoyed it a lot.   Her field trip was to the movie theater to watch the movie One Life.   It was a film about animals in their habitats and how they are raised.  It was cute seeing all of the animals but it was basically like watching a National Geographic show about wildlife.   I think they could have done a better job of coming up with a fun field trip for them but oh well.

Brooklyn had told me that if I came along on the field trip that she would not be able to sit with me because she was already sitting with her friends, Annabelle and Luke.

I was a little sad that she didn't sit right next to me but atleast she let me take a picture with her for a moment before heading back to hang out with her friends.

Brooklyn's class all together before heading out of the movie theater.

In a few weeks Kayla will take a field trip to visit the middle school she will be going to next year and there is also a field trip to a water park that she will not be attending because we will be going out of town.   Brooklyn will have a park day in a few weeks where they get to spend the morning at a local park playing games and doing activities together.   I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and we are already in Summer Countdown mode!

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Tara said...

Funny, I was on a field trip today with 4th graders and it was 35 and pouring... we were outside for 4 hours ... in a swamp!