Tuesday, May 1, 2018


April started off with Easter and then the very next night Kayla had her middle school information night!  We went and checked out all of the different classes she could sign up for and got a look around the campus.   She is so excited for middle school but I'm not so much.  Middle school here begins at 6th grade and I would much rather it start at 7th.   She is still so little and I'm not ready for this change at all.  I'm really hoping her being excited about this change continues because if she gets scared or nervous about going I'm going to be a huge mess come August!

Our weather was so nice this past month so while Kayla would have soccer practice we took full advantage of it and would often walk the track.   We stopped a few times so Brooklyn could enjoy playing on the playground.

Hubby had a night that he was away for work so the girls and I headed to Chipotle to get dinner.  We don't often get take out unless it's Friday night so it was a nice treat to not have to cook or clean the kitchen that night.

Sunday afternoon snacks just because

 Kayla's soccer team had a murder mystery dinner earlier in the month.   All the girls had index cards of who they were to play and what to say and then at the end they had to figure out who the murderer was.  It was really fun to see each of their personalities off the soccer fields.

Kayla wore leggings under her shorts one day and I was proud of her for wearing something different even when she was a little nervous about it and when she told me about a few girls who stated their unpleasant opinions I was even happier with how she handled their rude remarks.

I can't believe I only have a few more Fridays left of volunteering with my 2nd grader

We've had a weekends that were full of soccer and no matter how much Brooklyn might get tired of getting up early for her sisters games she always has so much fun playing with all of the other siblings.

Our Goalie Girl

A night game on a Friday night and then pictures the next morning at 7 am, yes 7am!!!

Not only did she have pictures way too early but hubby was gone for the weekend and I had been up until 1 am with a sick dog who thankfully ended up being fine but I was exhausted come Saturday so before Kayla's night game I had to stop in at Starbucks for a pick me up otherwise I don't think I would have made it through the night.

They sadly lost their first season game.

We came home showered and read in bed.   A drink for me for getting through the day on my own with not much sleep

I was so happy to be staying home and doing nothing that Sunday morning!

Another weekend full of soccer for us.

We had a free Sunday afternoon and it was hot so we got the water guns out and the girls had water fights

while mommy enjoyed a margarita

We ended another day reading in bed.   I've been reading a lot lately and I have loved having my girls joining me in bed to read alongside me.

Taco Tuesday is even better when there is no soccer practice afterwards so I changed things up a bit and made a fun taco salad bar for us to enjoy

I told Kayla she needed to use some of her Justice gift cards she had been hoarding to pick out some Summer clothes and boy did she shop.  She found a bunch of tank tops, sandals and picked out her graduation outfit.

Brooklyn had some fun playing dress up when we stopped in at TJ Maxx

Brooklyn just hanging out watching a movie and all ready for bed 

This is how Brooklyn sleeps as of lately.

Second grade projects are done for the year!!!

Last Friday we changed up our family movie night and instead grilled burgers and enjoyed the nice weather eating out on the patio.   The girls enjoyed ice cream, playing soccer and hubby and I drank some beer we had been saving for a special night.

We had a soccer free weekend so I enjoyed a Saturday morning watching Barefoot Contessa while Kayla made us something sweet for breakfast.

Sunday we headed to my mother in laws to celebrate her mothers 91st birthday and while we were there my brother in law, Matt asked his brothers to be his best men in his upcoming wedding.

such handsome fellas

All of the cousins together

 My new favorite dessert of all time, an affogato!  I had never had one until Sunday and it was the tastiest thing I've ever had.  I was craving one last night after dinner and I could totally drink one right now as well.   I think I'm going to have to invest in a stovetop espresso maker very soon.

That's it for April, we are so ready for the month of May!   Kayla turns 11 in just a few days, then we have Mother's day along with many more family birthdays and of course there is still soccer and finishing up school with a bunch of fun activities.  May will fly by and then it will be Summertime!


Billie Jo said...

That was fun, Shannon!
I know I tell you this all the time, but I just admire so much the family love in your home.
Good for Kayla for doing her thing, and not being affected by the haters.
(Who were probably mad they didn't think of the idea first, let's be honest!)
Enjoy the last month.
May always flies right by!

Tara said...

April was a wonderful month for you! Love how you fit in the relaxing even on a busy weekend!