Saturday, May 26, 2018

2018 Summer FUN List

It's Memorial Day Weekend which to me feels like the kick off to Summertime!   By now all I'm thinking about is sleeping in and enjoying all of the lazy Summer days in the comforts of my pajamas and my home but let's be honest my girls have high hopes of lots of fun so they look forward to our Summer Fun List every year so they can get an idea of what's to come of their time off.   Brooklyn had been asking when the list would be up and since we only have four days left of school I thought it was the perfect time to get these girls pumped for our Summer fun.

Brooklyn checks for the list everyday as soon as she gets home so when she saw it up after school the other day she was squealing and jumping up and down with excitement.

Look at that face!

I've got to admit it's a good one!  It's getting hard to come up with fun and new things for us to do that aren't too costly and will entertain both girls but this year I had a whole lot of new and fun ideas for us.

Brooklyn is easy to please and I immediately got a huge hug and thank you along with, "Your the best mommy, you always make everything so fun!"  I think that makes all of my efforts well worth it.   

After she was done reading it herself she ran down the hall to tell Kayla the fun list was up and then she came down to read it as well but begged for no pictures of just her so I had to sneak this one below while she thought I was taking one of her and Brooklyn.   Kayla did not jump up and down but she is super excited for Great Wolf Lodge, Go Karting and the Wild Animal Preserve.   I told her we also get to actually feed one of the big cats while we were there which both girls were even more excited about.

Brooklyn can't wait for our beach camping trips which I am also most excited about.  Now I can't get Kayla to stop asking me when are we going to Great Wolf Lodge but if that's the worst of the next few weeks, I'll take it. 
Summer 2018 is gonna be a great one!!!!

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