Thursday, May 31, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Camping in Julian

Over Memorial Day Weekend we went camping of course!  We decided to go back to Julian which we absolutely loved when we camped at back in November.   Brooklyn and Cali were pumped and ready for some fun on the way out Friday afternoon.

Once we arrived I got all of my setting up done and taking care of so I got right into camp mode and waited for hubby to hurry up so he could join me.

It didn't take long for the girls to start having fun

Our site was all set up so we relaxed while the girls rode bikes and explored down by the lake.

Friday and Saturday were COLD!
It was in the low 40's both days which seemed odd since it's Spring and we are used to maybe 60 degree temps around this time but it was fun getting all bundled up and hanging by the fire.

Once it got too cold we moved inside to watch movies and get ready for bed.

 It was drizzly and cold Saturday morning so we had a slow morning.  Brooklyn worked on drawing blueprints of houses while Kayla wrote stories.  

Since it was way too cold to hit the mountains for some hiking we decided to check out a Vintage Flea Market that we saw on the way into town the day before.  I had looked it up online and saw that there would be live music, some food trucks and some animals.  I figured it could keep us busy for a bit and it did.  We all enjoyed looking around and eating some delicious pizza while we were there.

I loved this cute dessert shop set up in a vintage trailer!

The back of this fire engine was turned into a pizza oven and is where we ordered our lunch from.

It was extremely good too!!!

The girls were excited to see the emu's and explored a bit with daddy while I went off and looked at the market for a bit.

After our time at the flea market we headed back into town to stop at Julian's Pie Company.  We had all been waiting for this since the last time we came.  The pie is amazing and my favorite part is their hot caramel apple cider!!

After we stuffed our belly's with pie we walked over to a cute shop that has games set up in the back that we could play.

The sun was coming out a bit by the time we got back to our trailer so it felt a little warmer.  We got a fire going and Brooklyn did her best to keep Cali warm while Kayla read us jokes from her joke book.

Poor Cali was shaking most of the time but she didn't want to stay in the trailer so Brooklyn laid right next to her to keep her as warm as she could.

It was 42 degrees out and the wind made it feel even colder but these three decided to go on a bike ride anyway.

We didn't last long outside Saturday night so we all cuddled up inside and watched the movie Dumb and Dumber together with lots of blankets.

Sunday it was twenty degrees warmer so we were happy to get outside and get some hiking in!

It was a very pretty hike!

This girl below wasn't feeling it though.

We made the best of it and by the time we sat to eat lunch her attitude changed completely.

She drives me crazy but I sure love her!

Kayla and I sat on our own to eat lunch and enjoyed this view while Brooklyn and daddy chose some shade instead.

Hubby got this picture of Kayla and I just love it!  We sat and ate our sandwiches and chatted while we looked for hawks flying above us.

The way down was so much faster and easier than the way up!

After our morning hike we stopped in at a local winery to enjoy a glass of wine and relax a bit.

The winery we originally wanted to go to was packed so when we saw a sign for another winery down the road we thought maybe we'll try that one first.   There was nearly nobody there and I was sold as soon as I saw the building!  It looked like it belonged in Italy.

This is just adorable!

The lady said their Rose was really good which sounded perfect after a long hike so I got a glass of that while hubby got a glass of red and we headed to the back to enjoy.

Of course the girls couldn't sit still for long so I went with them to watch the horses for a bit.

We stopped in at the first winery we had wanted to go to and were going to order something but once we waited and waited for service we decided being back at our campsite sounded much better than dealing with all of the people.  

Back at our campsite Brooklyn got to work creating a tiny town for the ants.

She kept herself quite busy creating homes for them.

Sunday night was our last night and it was also the only night we made s'mores.  It had been too cold the prior nights and the girls were happy eating ice creams inside rather than freezing outside around the fire.

S'mores and more jokes from Kayla's joke book were the perfect way to end our trip!

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