Sunday, June 3, 2018

Last Day of School

Friday was the last day of school!!!!  
We were very excited and I might have been a little bit sad because Kayla was off to her 5th grade promotion this morning which I will share more of later.

Brooklyn thankfully didn't change much this year and she still looks like my little girl!  She was excited for Summer but she was also sad to say goodbye to all of her friends for the next few months.

Kayla seemed to go from looking like a sweet little girl to an overnight teenager this year!  Her first day of school picture looks like it was from 2 years ago!!!  How did this happen?
Kayla is pumped and beyond excited to be promoting to middle school, she can't wait for next year.

One thing that never changes is these girls and their love for each other.   They are the best of friends and I'm so gonna miss seeing them walk in and out of school together!  I know things will change tremendously next year but I'm just hoping they still keep their close friendship!

We had told Brooklyn that after Kayla's ceremony we were gonna take her out of school early so that we could all head out to Palm Springs to swim and celebrate the kick off of Summer.   Right away she said, "No, I'm not going to leave early!"  She did not want to miss any of the fun that her teacher had planned so we told her we would check in with her and see how she felt at that time and she could decide.  Luckily when I saw her she ran up and said she was ready because they had already done all of the fun things that she didn't want to miss.  She said goodbye to her friends and I was heartbroken for her and her bestie below because they were so sad they would be waiting all Summer to see each other again.  

Brooklyn's teacher will be moving to 4th grade next year so we'll be making sure we get her again then.   I'm so thankful for teachers that want to teach and go out of their way to make everyday fun for their kids, it makes all the difference!!!

Both of the girls had Mrs. Griffin for 2nd grade and have agreed she is one of the best!

We celebrated the last day of school with a trip to our favorite pool in Palm Springs!

They were both tired and took a few breaks just to relax in the sun which is exactly what Summer is all about!

It's only going to be two months but we sure are gonna make the best of them.
Cheers to Summer!

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Billie Jo said...

Happy summer to you all!!!!!!
Your girls are lovely...
I know you are going to enjoy every minute together!