Monday, June 4, 2018

Kayla's 5th Grade Promotion

Before we go any further let's just take a look at little, adorable Kayla graduating from preschool.   How cute are my babies and why aren't they this little anymore???

Friday morning Kayla had her 5th grade promotion and is now officially a middle schooler!!!   She was beyond excited and boasted the rest of the day how she was officially a 6th grader non stop.  We were excited to attend her promotion because our girl was one of the five students chosen to speak at the ceremony.   She chose to do the introduction and wrote it all on her own.  She did amazing and we were so proud of her!!!  

I got teary eyed numerous times that morning.  Just seeing her and her friends all grown up would bring on the tears.   Elementary school seemed to go by so fast!

Kayla's speech,

Accepting her certificate from her teacher

After the ceremony each class had a cake with their class picture on it waiting for them to enjoy.

Proud parents!!

Her teacher loved Kayla so much this year, she cried when she said goodbye and asked her to please come back and visit her.

Kayla and her best friend, Tiffany.  
These two are peas in a pod and nobody gets each other like they do.   Unfortunately she might be moving far away but it's not for sure yet.  So I am hoping and praying they stay because as long as they are friends I have no worries.  They both stay clear from the girl drama and never have any problems with anyone so I'm really hoping they have each other next year in middle school.

This is Kayla's other bestie, Alex.  She is a sweetie and they will be going to the same middle school together.   They already have so many Summer plans together to hang out and I'm starting to realize that this is the Summer where my big girl will be spending a lot more time hanging out with friends more than her mama and it's a little bittersweet.

This is Carly and she will also be going to the same school as Kayla next year.  These two don't always hang out together but they still have remained good friends over the years while in elementary school.

After all of the goodbyes we headed home and the girls changed into their swimsuits to get ready to go swimming at their papa's house in Palm Springs.  Before we left we gave Kayla a small but sweet promotion gift.

Just a little something for her to look back on and remember her time in Elementary school.  I had all of her teachers from Kindergarten to 5th grade sign this book and they all wrote such sweet notes.  She really enjoyed reading their words of encouragement and how special they think she is.  

We are so proud of her and all of the amazing things she accomplished while she was at elementary school.  We know she'll do just as great in middle school!!

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Kelli said...

Love the first picture...does it not feel like they were just starting elementary school and now they are off to middle school!
I love the book. I saw that idea well after Isabella and Nicolas started school so it did not even start with Juliana. I did buy the book and had it out at Isabella's graduation party for everyone to sign and leave a memory in or give her advise.