Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Last Weeks of School

Kayla pretty much sums up our feelings of the last two weeks of school!   We were so ready for it to be over with and we were already in our relaxed Summer moods.  The girls were staying up later, we weren't worrying about homework, it was just come home from school, relax and play!

I know this picture is blurry but I'm still posting it because it was a good memory.  When I helped with Brooklyn's field trip to the park I saw Kayla as soon as I got to school.  She came over and gave me a big hug and then we took this pic but the part I want to really remember is when I arrived back to the school after the park and I was walking across the campus and I saw Kayla running over to me, she said hi again and gave me another hug but this time she held on and walked with me all the way back to Brooklyn's class with her arms wrapped around her mommy.   She was at recess and did not mind one bit that she was holding her mom in front of everyone.  I asked her if she would walk with me like this next year and she smiled and said, "no".   It was okay though because I'll always remember my 5th grader who doesn't mind loving on her mom even when all her friends are around!

End of the year teachers gifts were all wrapped up and ready to give.

Thursday was Field day.  All the grades play outside for the entire day.  They have a DJ playing music and kids dance as well as water fights and lots of sports for all of the kids to play.  The girls were suntan lotioned up and wearing their hats all ready for the fun day.

Brooklyn's teacher sent me this picture of my girls hanging out.   Later on our walk home both the girls told me about their day and that they hung out ALL day together!   I was so happy and a bit sad because next year they will not be able to do this.    They said they played soccer, danced, drew with chalk and had a water fight together.

This was our very last walk home from school!

Next year they will be at two different schools and there will not be time to have our walks together.   I love walking to and from school with these two.   Kayla especially will tell me so much more about her day when we walk home and it's so much more fun to have the extra time with my girls before they get home and get to work doing their homework. 

Brooklyn saving all the rollie pollies on our walk home.

On the last day of school I always have some fun surprises set out for the girls but this year we weren't quite sure how the last day was going to work out and if they'd be coming home at the same time so I decided to surprise them with their Summer surprises the day before instead.

I collected a few things over the last few months that I knew would be fun for Summer,
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers
books & magazines
cute Summer pj's
a soccer ball made to be played on the sand
some fun sinking jellyfish for the pool
taffy & cookies
soccer goals for the backyard

After they checked out all of their new Summer goods Brooklyn decided she would make a 'Have a fun Summer' card for everyone in her class.

After dinner they usually take showers to get ready for bed but since it was the last night of school I let them play outside for awhile before.  They set up their new goals and played soccer of course.
Late Summer nights are the best and we are so happy they are finally here!

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Billie Jo said...

You have me teary eyed.
So many "Lasts".
But so many memories too!!!
I remember when Madison finished 5th Grade. I could not imagine my girl being in middle school!!!
But, when the time came, I realized she was ready!
She was exactly where she was supposed to be.
And although I still felt sad, I also felt peace.
And that same thing happened over and over again.
Anyway, you are to be commended for raising those two beautiful, precious girls...their friendship speaks volumes about you and the amazing love in your home.
Happy summer!