Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Brooklyn's Open House

You know you are near the end of the school year when you get to go to Open House!
Brooklyn was beyond excited to show us all of her projects from the year and I was just as excited to see them all.   I love all of the creative masterpieces they worked on and I was so impressed with how much art they did this year!   Here are just a few of the projects we got to see at Open House.

They learned a lot about animals this year!
I loved Brooklyn's drawing and coloring of a hippo.

Look at these drawings!
Each one is amazing if you ask me, such talented little artists.

Brooklyn's sweet poem about love was so cute and creative.

My favorite of course is the drawing of herself and the poem all about herself. 

She has had a great teacher this year and fingers crossed we get just as lucky next year for third grade!


Kelli said...

I have a,ways loved open house. The kids are so excited to show off all of their hard work. I love her smile in the first picture.

Billie Jo said...

Great job, Brooklyn!!!!
I love 2nd Grade!
I taught it for 5 years, and have a special place in my heart for that age.
Her work is awesome.
I am glad they did so much artwork.
I always hated when the quit doing that.
Happy Almost Summer!