Monday, May 7, 2018

Kayla's Birthday Celebrations

It was a great time celebrating our big 11 year old on her birthday Thursday!  She came out dressed and ready for school that morning with a birthday sticker she slapped on her shirt.

As soon as I dropped her off at school I got busy getting things ready for her.   I drove to Party City and picked up a dragon balloon for our dragon loving girl and I set up all of her presents for her so she'd see them as soon as she got home

For lunch I surprised her and picked her up from school so we could spend a little mommy daughter time while eating lunch together.   She chose Taco Bell so that's where we went.

After school she walked in and saw her dragon balloon right away and obviously it was a huge hit!

Hubby got off from work early so we could all celebrate Kayla's big day and she wouldn't have to wait too long before opening all of her presents.

Brooklyn made Kayla a handmade card along with her present and made sure to give her lots of love on her birthday.

She also wanted to make sure Kayla got a Happy Birthday from the cat as well.

 After presents we drove to dinner at Kayla's restaurant of choice, Lazy Dog.   She specifically wanted their Calamari for an appetizer.

Brooklyn getting her pizza ready for her dinner.

Kayla received a special birthday treat for dessert


I'm pretty sure she had a great time on her birthday!

On Saturday we finished the birthday celebrating with first the grandparents and then later in the afternoon with her friends.   Kayla had a game in the morning so after her game the grandparents came over for a little brunch and to watch her open her presents.

Later on Kayla had a jump party at a nearby trampoline park with her friends.  We got there early to check in and her and Brooklyn got to enjoy about a half hour playing before the rest of the party arrived.

The girls were surprised to see their friends that had moved to Arizona at the party!

They all had a great time and throwing a party sure is a whole lot easier than when the girls were little.   They all jumped and ran around the park having a blast while all of the adults got to hang out and relax!


Billie Jo said...

Her face when she saw her balloon!!!!
Such joy!!!!
Good job Momma!!

Tara said...

Super fun birthday! Great job Mom!