Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mission San Juan Capsitrano

Last Saturday we had a completely soccer free weekend so we decided to make the drive out on Saturday to my favorite mission.   Hubby and I visited the San Juan Capistrano Mission on our first wedding anniversary and I remember it being absolutely gorgeous.   After we took the girls to visit the San Luis Rey Mission last month I knew they had to see the San Juan Capistrano Mission because it is so much prettier.

This mission is much larger and the gardens are so beautiful!

I love what is left of the original standing buildings

The girls loved watching the huge koi fish and searching for tadpoles.

That ceiling!!

I love a beautiful chapel!

We spent a little over two hours here.   The architecture is so pretty and there was so much to explore, they even had kids crafts going on which we didn't participate in but would have been fun if the girls were a little younger.

After we were done exploring the mission we walked down the street and enjoyed lunch.  I'm looking forward to Summer when we have more time to get out and explore together as a family!


Billie Jo said...

This was beautiful!
Thank you for sharing.
I had never seen anything like it.

Tara said...

Yes, more time to go out and explore as a family... looking forward to that too! And doing nothing!