Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fifth Grade Kickball Game

Tuesday Kayla got to participate in the schools Staff vs. 5th Graders Kickball Game.   There were about 7 kids from each 5th grade class that were picked to participate so she was so excited that she got to be one of them.

They invited the entire school out to watch the game and when I walked up I had the biggest smile on my face.   Everyone was chanting and screaming some of the kids even had pom poms, it was so much fun!

I found Brooklyn right up front cheering on her sister.   You can spot Kayla above her on the right.

The teachers ended up beating the kiddos and I was bummed because I was ten minutes late and Kayla kicked first so I missed seeing her and since there were so many kids she didn't get a chance to kick again. 

This was the first year they had the kickball game and I really hope they continue it.  The kids were all having a blast and it's always fun having extra activities that get them out of their classrooms especially in the last few weeks of school.
Only one more week until my first born is a middle schooler!

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