Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Life Lately

There are about three months out of the year that are always the craziest in our home and May is one of them!   There is always so much going on this month and our calendar is always full.  Kayla added soccer to our crazy but we still managed to make some time to enjoy the first few weeks of the month!

The weather this month has been all over the place.  We've had warm Summer like days to cold and raining like it is today.   Normally on soccer practice nights I stay home and hubby takes Kayla to practice but on this particular evening I had a good book and sitting in the truck all alone reading while Kayla practiced sounded perfect.   Kayla helped out by holding all of my necessities for me on the way to her practice.

The first weekend of May we headed over to my father in laws in Palm Springs to spend the day swimming.   The girls had been asking non stop when they could go swimming at Papa Russ' so they were so happy to be spending the day at his home!

Looking forward to more pool days soon!

So the girls have been making their own lunches and getting their breakfast themselves on 'most days'.  I love that they are becoming more responsible but I do not love the mess they make in the kitchen.   Every single counter is a mess by the time they are done, there are cabinets open and food is everywhere.   They put everything away but I do spend more time in the mornings now cleaning down counters and messes off my floor.  I guess we'll have to work on cleaning up better over the Summer.

Thank goodness for Trader Joe's!
I needed a little something for Teacher Appreciation week and as soon as I saw these beautiful plants I knew I was done.  I'm just a little sad I didn't buy myself one!

I've been reading a lot lately and have really started to enjoy it!  I used to read maybe one or two books a year and now I'm reading atleast three a month.  So if you have any good recommendations leave them in my comments, you can also follow me on Goodreads  if you would like.   I just recently finished No Exit and although it has excellent reviews it was a little too gory for my liking and I had to skip over quite a few paragraphs.  Needless to say I don't think I'll be grabbing anymore thrillers that are quite as descriptive.

One of my favorite things about reading more is the extra time I get to be with my girls.   Kayla will see me reading and go grab her book and read alongside with me and Brooklyn saw me outside reading the other day so she quickly came out to read next to me as well.   Right now she is a reading machine!  I picked her up from school yesterday and as soon as she hoped in the car she said, "we need to go to the public library today because I need a book!"   I told her I was pretty positive we had plenty at home but she said she knew exactly what she wanted and wanted to read that exact book.   She is just a few thousand words away from her million words and she intends on making it in these last few weeks left of school.

Kayla's soccer team took a tough loss a few weeks ago and Kayla was goalie.  She took it so hard, I had never seen her so upset and it took everything in me to not cry alongside her.   Hubby and I spent the rest of the night trying to console her and get her through all of the emotions but she just needed to work through them on her own.   She was a little better by the next day but she's decided that maybe she doesn't want to be a goalie any longer after Select is over.   

Kayla was much happier a few days later and she was wearing the cutest Panda shirt that she had gotten as a gift for her birthday.

With Summer around the corner I have been spending a lot more time on the back patio, reading, enjoying a glass of wine or just watching the girls play.   I was looking around the yard and I got an idea to set up this little space below.  I have had the table for years but it had been inside.  I finally moved it out to the back and set up this cute vignette.  I plan on getting some pretty flowers or succulents for the three pots soon.  

Hubby and I had a mid day lunch date after Brooklyn's Pastries with Parents.   We tried out a local sushi spot and loved it.   Sushi has become one of my favorite things to eat lately.

Another favorite of mine is Walmart pick up!
It is so convenient to order through my phone and then choose a pick up time, pull up and have them deliver all of my items to the car especially when it doesn't cost more, you can't tip and it saves me a ton of time!

Kayla had a game this past Saturday at 8am, it was COLD and drizzly.   They tied 3-3.  It was their last regular season game and even though they only lost 2 games this season they will not be going to the play offs.   We have one more tournament in the beginning of June and then Select will be over.  

This past Saturday was spent watching the Royal Wedding!  It was all so perfect, I loved everything about it and was obsessed with reading and looking through all of the pictures online for the rest of the weekend.   The girls sat and watched most of it with me as well.

Later that day the girls were playing soccer in the backyard and I was trying to get hubby to stop working and enjoy some good wine with me in the back.  Eventually it worked and he joined me on the patio.  I made our favorite turkey burgers for dinner and we ate outside.  Later on the girls showered and then we all had ice cream and watched a movie together.

We are so ready for Summer and having movie nights whenever we want, playing outside until the sun goes down and enjoying a whole lot more time being outside together!

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Billie Jo said...

Love your days, Shannon.
We watched the royal wedding too!
ANd I am a reader as well.
I am currently reading a great book!
It is called "The Things That Keep Us Here".
Shannon, it is sooo good!
I am sorry about your goalie's heartache.
That is one of the hardest things, right?
Trying to comfort them when they are so upset.
Hang on!
May is almost over!