Monday, June 25, 2018

Soccer Party

Soccer is officially done for Summer!
Kayla had her Select team party last week and had a blast and said some sad goodbyes to her favorite teammates.   She made some great new friends and overall it was a good experience.   

Each girl got their medals and a gift card to a local yogurt shop which is perfect because my girls ask daily if we can go get yogurt!   When handing out the medals to each girl the coaches instead had their own teammate hand them their medal and say a short speech about that girl.  It was really cute to hear what they all had to say about it each other.  Kayla was handed her medal by the other goalie on her team and below is a little clip of what she said,

After all the medals were handed out the girls played a little game of soccer against the parents and all was going well until the sprinklers at the park came on and the girls immediately stopped  to instead run through the sprinklers.   They were all soaking wet but had so much fun!

This young lady below immediately became one of Kayla's besties on the team.  They hit it off right away and Kayla said the sweetest words about her before handing her her medal, wish I recorded that one!  One of the coaches came up to me after the party and said he had thought they had been friends forever, he had no clue they had never met until this team.

It's bittersweet saying goodbye to these girls, a lot of them will be moving up to the next age level in the Fall and a lot of them are also done playing city and will now be playing Club so they will not be seeing each other on the fields much.  We are looking forward to a little soccer break before it all starts up again in August.


I never blogged about Kayla's regular season award so I thought I'd add it on here.  She was the main goalie for her team, the Daredevils and her coach awarded her the Golden Glove Award.  We were so proud of her this past season!   She played some really intense games during regular season and had a few games that went to shoot outs when they were in the finals and she never gave up!  The Daredevils ended up taking 1st place this past season and we loved watching Kayla as their goalie!!

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