Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer is Here

Last Sunday we left for our first beach camping trip of the Summer.   We headed to our favorite place on Coronado Island.   As soon as we arrived it officially felt like Summer!

It was partly cloudy but warm so we headed to the water right away.  Kayla and daddy played soccer and football for a bit while Brooklyn boogie boarded.

We had front row which is always the best place to be.   There is nothing better than walking out of the trailer and seeing the view of the ocean each morning!

We camp here often and there are always a few kids that set up little shops and sale things like slime, jewelry and seashells.   The girls always talk about doing it and this year Kayla started making some rainbow loom bracelets to sell and then Brooklyn joined in and began making some beaded bracelets with a few charms she had.  I really didn't think they would sell as many as they did.  They had lots of fun and made some friends along the way.

A close up of some of Kayla's creations

and Brooklyn's

While the girls did some selling we enjoyed the sunset

and the campfire

Kayla and I left Brooklyn to sell while we rode bikes around for a bit.

The next morning we ate breakfast on the beach and then searched for seashells

The wind picked up and made it pretty cold most of the time we were there.  It was always clear out but a bit chilly.  Kayla decided to stay under the towel instead of enjoying the views, she wouldn't even take a selfie with me.

The cold never bothered this girl though, she came in to take a quick break before heading out to play again.

The girls brought their kites and Brooklyn was asking over and over again when she could fly it so hubby got them all set up to fly and it lasted about 10 minutes and then they were done.

It wasn't as exciting as they expected

After showers it was time to enjoy the view a bit more

We BBQ'd chicken, shrimp and veggie kabobs with some teriyaki sauce and it was delicious.  

Cali has gotten so good about staying right near us when we are out, it's nice to keep her off her leash so she can be close by us.  While we are down on the beach we leash her and she just lays on the  sand and next to the trailer hanging out all day.  She's our little camp dog.

Perfect Sunset Views!

Ready to sell again

When Cali is tired or cold she enjoys watching us from inside the trailer.

Another gorgeous sunset with my love

The next morning we were off looking for seashells again

Then we set up on the beach again for another relaxing day

Our third night we went out to dinner.

We went to the Coronado Brewing Company and enjoyed beer tasting and some delicious carne asada fries along with yummy burgers!

It's getting harder and harder to get pictures of these two girls because they are always goofing around or they don't want their picture taken at all!

Brooklyn didn't mind running around the beach in her pj's in the morning, this place just feels like home.

Kayla was the last one up this morning which is very unusual but we had been staying up late every night.   Once she was up we ate breakfast on the beach again.

Then the girls played for awhile 

Eventually we were all back in swimsuits for our last full day on the beach

Missing my beach views

A quick nap for Brooklyn

  Kayla is so good at sports, she can throw and catch a football like nothing.  I love watching them throw back and forth.  When she wasn't playing football we were kicking a soccer ball back and forth.  I found a soccer ball that is meant to be played on the sand and it was perfect for us all.

Showered up and enjoying her favorite drink 

Brooklyn set up for her last night to sell.  She ended up coming home with a little over $20 and Kayla came home with $10.   They had a whole lot of fun and have already started making more for when we go back in a few weeks.

Kayla rode her bike most of the time on our last night

Business was good for Brooklyn!

After she sold just about everything she was off riding her bike as well.

Kayla bought a glow beach ball to bring and they blew it up for our last night to play

I woke up Thursday morning and enjoyed my favorite view for one last time.

We packed up the rest of the morning and headed back home.  Four nights was the perfect amount of time for us to be there.  Everyone was ready to go home except for me but we are headed back soon!


Tara said...

Now THAT is summer!

Cindy said...

What a great idea to make and sell bracelets! The pictures of the sunsets are so pretty! We haven't been to the ocean in a few years and I think it's time we make the trip out there! It's about 4 hours from Seattle so we usually leave around 8am and get there in time for lunch. Then we play in the water for a few hours before heading home. I definitely miss it, thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!