Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Recap

I'm not quite sure what happened to the month of June?  It was great but just went by way too fast!!   The girls are back in school in 5 weeks which makes me so sad especially since so much will be changing this year!   Kayla is off to middle school and Brooklyn will be in elementary all on her own.  She is definitely going to miss her best buddy.   I'm also going to be working here and there as I got a position as a Classified Substitute in our school district so I will be working when needed to fill in at an office spot and/or as an instructional assistant.  I'm excited to be going back to work here and there and even better I get to work only part time and when I want!   It makes me feel a little better too that I can maybe work at the middle school Kayla is at here and there so that I will feel more comfortable with her being there and she's excited that she might see me during the days sometimes.  Okay enough about school stuff lets get back to our Summer!   Here  are a whole lot of random pictures from our month!

Hubby and I were looking for a new show on Netflix in the beginning of June and when I saw a picture for the show Peaky Blinders I told him we had to watch it.   It's really good if you like Mafia type shows/movies!   We put the girls to bed one night and had a small cheese platter with drinks and enjoyed a few episodes.

So loving lazy Summer mornings!

Kayla had to get a few immunizations for middle school.  She hates shots and after it was over she once again didn't understand why she was worried.

Brooklyn took some time this month to completely clean out and rearrange her closet all on her own.  She said she was exhausted after all of that hard work.

When you have an entire day at home to do whatever you want you get to play games with your girls!

Brooklyn finished up swim lessons and passed level 2.  The last day is open swim so Kayla joined in and they both went on the waterslides over and over again.

her sweet note from her instructor, she improved so much this year!

When it's National Bath Day you take a bubble bath!

I've woken up to Kayla watching soccer every single morning since the World Cup began.  She's obsessed and it's been so fun hearing her cheer on the teams and get excited when they score.

Brooklyn's been busy listening to Pandora and enjoying country music.  She came over to me one day and said, "this Miranda Lambert girl is really good!" lol

Love my new mug I received from my sister in law and brother in law for Mother's Day, definitely a great motto to live by.

Kayla had her bestie over and they watched Jurassic Park, ate popcorn and then hung out and even let Brooklyn hang out too.

During our last camping trip to Julian Kayla's bike broke and we knew she needed one for Summer camping.  She said she wanted a beach cruiser and she would buy it.  She has so much money saved up that we went with it.  She picked out the bike she wanted and then helped her daddy put it together.

She looks way too old riding around on it though!

Bowling with friends and then out to lunch

Brooklyn loves crafts so I made sure to stock up on some crafts for Summertime.  I saw this fairy making kit and knew she would love it and even though I had to help out a lot she still had fun.  It came out super cute too.

The girls are always up for a trip to get some yogurt!

That's a glimpse into our first 4 weeks of Summer.  Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year and we can't wait to celebrate it with the family.  
Hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th of July!!!

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