Friday, July 6, 2018

Meet Squiggles

During the first week of Summer Kayla was off at a friends house so Brooklyn and I stopped in at Petsmart to look at the pets just for fun.  We were looking at the hamsters and she said she wanted one and asked if she could buy one with her money.  I told her, daddy would most likely say no, he's not very into pets, and besides who would take care of a hamster while we were on vacation.  She kept asking and asking so I told her we would need to talk to daddy first.  I explained to her that it was a lot of responsibility and she said she knew and she picked up a pamphlet on how to care for a hamster.   We went on to the grocery store and while I tried to shop she was pausing and reading through the entire pamphlet memorizing each section on how to care for one.   As soon as we got home she set out papers and made lists and lists on what to do.

She then set up her room with all of her research on the board along with two chairs and a table between.  This girl wanted a hamster bad and was ready to sell the idea to her daddy!

I mean, how could he say no??
She had an answer for all of his questions, she even had a huge list of names for either a boy or girl, what to look for if the hamster is goes on and on.  I told him, "Good Luck" as soon as he got home and when she was all done he didn't quite say no but instead said, "I'll need to think about it"

I told him after there was no way we couldn't get her a hamster, after all of that effort she put into researching it she deserved it!   So weeks later she ordered a hamster cage from Amazon using her own gift card and waited for the day she could go pick out her first little hamster.

We told her she could get one after our first camping trip of the Summer so that Thursday when we got home she asked over and over again what day we would go pick it out and then that Friday morning she asked over and over again.  I took her Friday afternoon to pick out her hamster.   She was so happy and fell in love with her immediately.  She spent the rest of Friday talking non stop to her and if she wasn't holding her she was running back and forth to her room to check on her just to make sure she was okay.

Brooklyn named her hamster Squiggles and she has been very sweet.   She lets us hold her and she loves running around the house in her ball.

So far she has not bitten anyone but she has nipped softly which is a warning sign that she is done being held so we've always put her away as soon as that happens.  I'm hoping she never gets scared enough to actually bite because that would definitely scare us.   I read it takes awhile before they feel really comfortable being held and carried around so I've been letting Brooklyn hold her maybe once a day to get her used to her but that's usually only if she seems okay with coming out of her cage.  She sleeps most of the day and is up just about all of the night but I've noticed that if we take her out mid day and let her play in the ball or just hold her for a bit she seems to sleep a little more during the night.

Squiggles is such a cutie and even though the running back and forth non stop to her room to makes sure Squiggles is okay has stopped we can still hear Brooklyn talking to her throughout the day especially before bedtime when Squiggles is most active.   Brooklyn loves her new little furry friend and it's so sweet to watch her with her very own pet. 

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Tara said...

Cutest little pet ever... and love the name that for sure two little girls picked out! I love when kids in my class get a new little pet. They share pictures on the smartboard and tell all about him/her. Always always it's a name like fluffy, or oreo, or squiggles! Happy new pet girls!