Monday, July 9, 2018

4th of July

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!!
I know I say it every year but it really is my favorite party that we throw.  I look forward to it all year and each year it is just as amazing as I imagine.   We were lucky that it wasn't unbearably hot this year because sometimes it's humid and just gross but it was just right.  The house was all decked out in it's red, white and blue decor and we were all ready to celebrate!

Always have to have snacks.

Some family pictures before we got down to business.

A few goodies to keep the kids busy

We brought out the snow cone maker for some mid party treats, they are always a hit.

 Even for the adults!

We have games every year and whoever wins gets to pick a prize, which I forgot to photograph the prizes this year but there are always some fun items so people want to win!

Hubby and I won the balloon toss this year but since I really didn't want to keep my own prizes I let my mom and Kayla pick something out since they came in second.

After the water balloon toss there is always a water balloon fight and this is the kids favorite part

and I think the parents favorite just as well!

The girls all ready for the sack race.

Papa Buzz wins just about every year but I think him throwing himself over the finish line might just be why.

The kids decided to do some practicing afterwards so that they'd be ready for next year.

Brooklyn said the silly string was her favorite part of the day but I don't know how she could choose just one thing! 

After all of that fun we were hungry.   
BBQ'd hot dogs and burgers along with fruit, baked beans and potato salad was the perfect 4th of July meal!

Hubby and I took a spot out on our own to enjoy our party together for a bit.

Our little 4th of July tradition that we have each year.

Family Fireball shots!

More fun for the kiddos

I thought the confetti poppers would've been a bit more exciting.

By the time the sun was setting the family trickled out and we were left just us to play with sparklers and watch the fireworks.

(Brooklyn will not hold the sparklers)

My girls and I
 (and crazy daddy eyes in the back)

I know this picture is horrible quality but I had to get my girls before we head out to the fireworks.   Kayla loving on her sister and Brooklyn with her sweet Millie doll dressed for the occasion. 

It was strange at first as we walked over to watch the fireworks because we've always had some family with us, it's never just been us four but as Kayla and I talked about it we both agreed it was actually a lot of fun being just us.

I had such a great time talking to this girl below as we watched the fireworks and I was so thankful for that time!

As soon as the fireworks were over Brooklyn was ready for bed.  She immediately told us to "bring it together guys"  I've gotta get home and go to sleep.  She was so tired and as soon as we got back home she went straight to bed.  She didn't care that we were all back outside playing games and having a dance party without her, girl was tired!

We stayed up 'til almost midnight laughing hysterically, mostly at Kayla or ourselves while she tried to teach us to floss.   It was such a great night we didn't want it to end!  Poor daddy had to work the next day so we eventually went to bed but what a great day it was!

One more year and we get to do it all over again!


Billie Jo said...

I enjoy your party every single year!!!!
You throw the best Fourth of July party ever!
Before you know it...we will be decorating for Christmas. : )

Tara said...

Oh my gosh... you are the most fun family ever! I love how Brooklyn wanted to go to bed after a long day and your oldest stayed up with mom and dad... how fun is that new phase!? Love all of the details and the fun that you had along with them!!! I need to work on that part... I love the details but you really get in there and have FUN!!!