Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ten On Ten

Happy Summer Ten on Ten!
Next months ten on ten will be when the girls are back in school...insert tears here.   Summer is flying by and I'm not happy about it one bit!

I was woken up at 7 am by two little girls giggling and laughing way too loudly for a morning perfect for sleeping in!   I got up and made my favorite chai latte.

Just about every morning when possible Kayla and I have watched an episode or two of Once Upon a Time on Netflix.   I look forward to waking up and watching this series with her!

Today we only watched one episode because there was lots to be done but first I had to fit in a work out.  I've been using my laptop and finding new workouts on YouTube, I was getting tired of using the same DVD's over and over again.

The girls are dressed and ready to head out to first drop Cali off at the groomers and then head to the supermarket.

Back from the store and separating some snacks we bought to take for a quick overnight trip to the beach later this week.   The girls and I are meeting some friends for a girls beach day and night and we can't wait!

Lunch and smoothie making time.   

Our sweet Cali is home from the groomers and is looking so much prettier.

Finally put our sand dollars in a bowl, they had been sitting next to the laundry room sink for over a week now just waiting for a permanent home.

Dinner was ready and simmering in the crock pot just had to wait for hubby to get home so poured myself a glass of wine and looked through all of the catalogs that came in the mail today.

Taco Tuesday is always a hit!


Tara said...

Look at how your pillow matched the Pottery Barn calalogue...

I love your day. Here's what I wish I could do after reading yours:

1. Sleep in - I still get up at 4:45 in the summer. I just can't sleep after that. I like that I get the house all quiet all to myself for hours. But I stay up waaaay too late in the summer to be getting up at 4:45!
2. Sit and watch a show with my girls... I'm not good at sitting and relaxing and I love that you make time for your girls everyday to BE with them.
3. Getting so much done all day (groomers, store, making the crockpot, etc, etc, and a thousand other etc) but still make time to sit.

I see a theme here... I'm going to schedule in sitting and looking through a catalog and watching a show with my girls! You are always an inspiration! Have fun on your girls camping trip!

Cindy said...

I love this. Everything is balanced. I'm sure there are some days that are crazy but I'm like you, I will sometimes just stop... and sit and read or just watch the birds in the backyard. I don't know about you but stopping like that keeps me sane!