Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Girls Beach Trip

Last week the girls and I loaded up the car and headed to the beach for a one night beach getaway.   A friend of mine got a hotel in Laguna Beach and invited us to stay with her and her daughter.  

We arrived before check in so we immediately went down to the beach where the kids played in the waves and built sand castles.

After a few hours at the beach we headed to the room.   The girls showered and we all got dressed to go to dinner where we met up with another one of our friends and her daughter.  

While getting ready, Kayla and Lily realized they had the exact same Narwhal shirt!

After a fun dinner we got on the Trolley.  I think this was Brooklyn's favorite part of our trip she asked over and over again if we were going to ride on it again.  She loved that she could stand up and hold on and she wasn't happy when I told her she needed to sit down.  I think we need a San Francisco trip stat!

We got off the Trolley and headed over to a candy shop where we all grabbed some favorites to snack on. 

The kids asked to play at the park as soon as we came out of the store so as we ate our candy we walked over. 

Crazy kids all hyped up on candy!

We walked back to the hotel on the beach and it was just a horrible view  😜

Back at the hotel we grabbed some drinks and the moms chatted while the girls played Twister. 

The kids wanted to swim so off to the pool we went.  They swam until 10 and then we called it a night!

The next morning we got up and walked to a nearby French Bistro for breakfast. 

Moulin Bistro was so adorable.  I loved it the minute I walked in.   There were so many delicious pastries to choose from, we didn't know where to begin.   I ordered a Cafe Mocha, the girls got milks and then we ordered a few pastries to share.  They were all delicious!

Sitting in this place made me want to go to Paris even more than ever!  At one point a waitress came over and talked to us and she had French accent, Brooklyn immediately, before the lady had even left the table blurted out, "I want to sound exactly like her one day!"  It was the cutest thing.

After our breakfast we walked around to check out the shops, most were still closed but we found a sock shop filled with the most fun socks I had ever seen.  Kayla was in heaven she loves her some cool knee highs she even found some Koala ones that she bought.  She said she can't wait to wear them in middle school.

We ended up back at the park so the girls could play again.  We had to check out of the hotel by 11 so we had a few hours to kill before we headed back home.   After the girls played we stopped in at another fun French spot.  This time the girls each got a Macaron.  Kayla chose the Salted Caramel and Brooklyn chose the Belgium Chocolate.  I'm not a huge fan of the way Macarons taste but I do love how adorable they are.

They had other goodies too, look how adorable those Eiffel Tower chocolates are!!

After that we headed back to the hotel and eventually headed back home.

The girls had so much fun on this trip! 
 It was the perfect getaway for them, they got to eat lots of sweets, stay up late, swim, play at the beach and play at the park.  I loved that they had such a fun time and I got to visit with friends I don't get to see all the time.  Laguna Beach will always be a special town to me because my grandparents lived down here for so long and I had not been since they had moved or since my grandfather passed away.   It was a little bittersweet being back there but it reminded me that I missed it and need to come more often.  The town is so charming and there is so much to see!   Kayla and Brooklyn really wanted to walk through some of the art galleries and since they weren't open yet we didn't get too.   I told them we would have to come back in the Fall or Winter when it's a little less crowded.   We will bring daddy along and eat somewhere delicious for dinner together.   We agreed that would be fun and now we have something fun to look forward to after Summer is over.

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Tara said...

Laguna Beach is the coolest, art fun, amazing town!!! My aunt and uncle lived there for 15 years and we used to visit them each summer. There is no town like Laguna Beach... this post made me miss it! So glad you had a wonderful time with your girls!