Friday, July 27, 2018

The Last Camping Trip of Summer

Last week we wrapped up our final beach camping trip of the year.   We were back at our favorite spot, Silver Strands for four nights.  We had front row again and enjoyed every minute of it!

Two silly girls waiting for us to give them the okay to go down to the water.

Time to relax!

After a few hours in the water the girls cleaned up and were waiting for dinner and then they spent the night riding their bikes.

The next morning Brooklyn begged over and over again to go down to the beach.  I finally told her she could play on the sand next to our trailer as long as she wanted but we weren't going down to the water until atleast after 10.   So both of the girls played in the sand happily for about 30 minutes until I finally gave in and took them down to the water.

Daddy set up a game for them when they needed a water break.   They spent quite some time trying to get the ball in the bucket.

Somebody was a little tired but I don't know how smashing your face down into the ground is comfortable?

S'mores Time!

I think having a morning to eat sugary cereal and donuts is one of their favorite parts of camping!

This particular morning was warm but cloudy so while Brooklyn made a sand car we tried to come up with what we wanted to do while we waited for the sun to come out.

We decided to go into town and look through the shops and then we walked over to the Hotel Del Coronado where we got some delicious gelato

Happy girls enjoying the beautiful view.

Brooklyn said she definitely wants to stay here next time!

By two o'clock the sun was coming out so we headed back and by three we were back out on the beach.  This was one of my favorite days, the girls played in the water until seven and everyone was happy and it was just an all around good day!

snacks and drinks on the beach

Brooklyn wanted a princess dress

The day ended up being beautiful despite the morning clouds.

Kayla set up some of her bracelets to sell that night.

Brooklyn chose to ride her bike instead

The next morning we ate breakfast burritos on the sand and the view did not disappoint! 

Always playing with seaweed.

Soon enough we were all in swimsuits and back on the beach!

Our day started off great but soon enough I realized I was going to be cold all day because the wind was blowing.   I wrapped myself in a towel and watched the girls play in the water.

Hubby and I were talking when I noticed Brooklyn was crying, at first I thought maybe I was wrong but sure enough she was crying and she was hurt!   We jumped up and raced down to the water, she was yelling that something bit her.   I thought maybe she got stung by a jelly fish but when I looked at her foot I saw it was cut and bleeding.  Hubby said she probably just stepped on a shell and she would be okay but she was crying and saying over and over again it hurt and something bit her.   I helped her walk back up to our towels and had her sit down.   As we were looking at it a lady and her son came over and asked if she had gotten stung by a stingray?   She said her son had gotten stung the day before and that I needed to put her foot in hot water for atleast 90 minutes to make the pain go away.   After we determined that is what had happened I took Brooklyn back to the trailer and immediately got hot water for her foot to soak in.   As soon as her foot hit that water the stinging went away.  I brought her donuts and cookies and let her choose whatever she wanted because I felt so bad for her.

We sat there for 90 minutes just like the lady had said and sure enough after changing the water out and refilling with hot water continuously the pain was gone!  I was so thankful that lady was there to help us and I was also happy that the stingray didn't leave any barbs in Brooklyn's foot otherwise we would've been in the ER for the day!

Brooklyn got showered up and was ready to enjoy the rest of the day.   The wind had picked up pretty bad while we were soaking Brooklyn's foot so we called it a day and we were done with being on the beach for the trip.  I was a little bummed that our last day was cut short but so happy Brooklyn was okay.

For our last night we went out to dinner.   I had wanted to try this place called Lobster West because I had read they had amazing Lobster rolls and I have never had one and have always wanted to try one.   I will say they were very good but I was a bit disappointed in the size, it was a little too small for my liking.

Kayla ordered the clam chowder which was very good as well

and Brooklyn got a cheese roll of course.

After we ate we walked around the town until we spotted a book store that we obviously could not pass up.

Kayla walked in and immediately said, "I love that smell"  yup, she's definitely my child.  I love a small bookstore, there is nothing more charming!

Brooklyn's foot eventually began to hurt from walking so much so we went back to the campsite to enjoy our last campfire and eat some S'mores.  I made sure to hang my favorite find as soon as we got back in the trailer.  #campingmotto

Kayla also set up her bracelet shop and ended up selling all of them except 3!!!

A Cotton Candy sky was the perfect backdrop to our last night at the beach.

Bike rides until the lights went out was a good way to end our trip.

Other than Brooklyn being stung by a stingray we had a good time but definitely need to camp elsewhere next Summer.   We love this place but we all agreed we need to try out some new spots if possible.  We are all sad Summer is just about over but I'm definitely looking forward to a good Fall camping trip! 


Billie Jo said...

What a wonderful family trip!
(Except the bite!)
The girls always have so much fun together...
You are doing something right, my friend.
So glad you had such a great trip to end your summer.
I cannot even believe I wrote that!
I literally remember when they were done!
Anyway, love my visits here.
Have a cozy weekend!

Cindy said...

That's incredible about the sting ray bite! And good info to know about soaking the area in hot water for 90 minutes. Glad you had a good time on your camping trip. Can't wait to hear where you go next time!