Monday, July 30, 2018

Our Weekend

We are down to our final last full week of Summer over here.  The girls are officially back in school next Wednesday and I'm not looking forward to the early mornings and busy schedule.  We have a whole lot of relaxing planned for this last week at home together, that is after we are done with our back to school errands that I'm hoping to get finished today!   This past weekend was a good one and it started Friday afternoon when Kayla had her two besties over to hang out.  She wanted to have them both over at the same time so they could discuss middle school and figure out where they would meet before school.  Kayla is so excited for middle school and I'm praying it's as good as she is hoping it is because I remember middle school being not so great.

I'm glad she has some great friends to share the time with.  These three giggled nonstop playing in her room and then they made a huge mess making slime which didn't even matter because they had so much fun.  Later they played Twister before it was time to go home.

I love that they all included Brooklyn to play with them as well!

Saturday morning I used my new egg cooker to make Kayla and I a quick frittata.  It was delicious and so easy to make.

Hubby had been working the last two days until 9:30 PM and was also gone all day Saturday due to a fire nearby.  He works for the electricity company here in Southern California so when there are fires he sometimes has to work long hours to get the electricity back up.   So by mid day Saturday I was beyond bored and really wanted to get out and do something.  The girls were adamant that they just wanted to stay home and play so it was just me and obviously my cat hanging out and reading through my decorating books.  

Hubby was still gone but I went ahead and made the girls and I salmon and mashed potatoes for dinner and poured myself a good glass of wine to enjoy.

After dinner was done I thought I remembered seeing a post about a concert in our park and since I knew hubby would be working late again I decided to look it up and saw that there was one and it was right up the street from our house.   I told the girls about it and they were super excited especially when I told them it was country music.  They had so much fun picking out clothes, jewelry and how to do their hair together but were bummed they didn't have boots to wear.

Our community does so many fun things over the Summer but we are rarely home on the weekends to go.   I'm so glad we got to go this time, the girls had so much fun.  There was face painting, cotton candy, snow cones, bouncers for the kids they even had dinner for everyone.  It's all free for the residents in our community too!   I ran into a friend I know from the girls school so we sat with her and her kids which worked out perfectly because the girls were off running around the entire time so I was happy to not be sitting alone!

Hubby eventually came home from work and walked over to the park to surprise the girls.  
Can you tell they were happy to have daddy home?? 

The band that played was really good and the kids had a blast.   The concert went until about 10:30 but by 9:45 Brooklyn started asking to go home so we left around 10:00 but could still enjoy the music on our walk back home.

 Sunday daddy was off and we took advantage of it and all went to the movies to see Transylvania 3.   Brooklyn was the only that enjoyed it the rest of us thought the first two were much better.

This girl chose a fancy dress to wear to the movies and even asked if it was okay to not have any candy at the movies!  Whose kid is this???

After the movie we walked around the mall and shopped a bit then picked up dinner and headed back home to eat it there.  It was a great way to end the weekend and I was happy we were all  together to enjoy it!

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But then again I think you got out for the summer a looooong time ago!

So I love your weekend pictures... my favorite? The one with the girls and their just home daddy!