Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Kayla turned 14 this week and to celebrate she wanted to have a sleepover with friends. 

A quick family selfie before the friends arrived.

I tried to sneak a photo from inside the house while they were out back playing Jenga

They spent lots of time jumping, playing games in the yard and chatting.

Pizza for dinnertime

Then they were back outside until after dark.

Back inside it was Brownie Sundaes for dessert

After the girls ate they changed into pajamas and  Kayla got ready to open her presents.  Chris and I headed back to our bedroom to give them their space.   I was just about ready to wash my face for bed when Chris came in and told me he heard Kayla tell her friends she wanted to wait until her mom came back in to open her presents cause she knew I would want to take pictures and see what she got.  This made my night because we all know that age when hanging out with your mom isn't always cool so this made me happy that she wanted me there.

These girls played games, watched scary movies, laughed ALL NIGHT and I do mean all night!   We did not get much sleep because they were loud but they all had a wonderful time and it was worth one night of chaos for us because they've gone through a lot this last year and I was just happy they all got to be together and having fun.

They were finally passed out by 5:30am and around 8:00 we came out to start breakfast and grab some much needed coffee.  
Haha, such pretty morning views.

Kayla was up first as usual.

By 9 they were all up and breakfast was ready.

The girls were all gone by 10:30 and Chris and I were thankful for making it through another sleepover.  When Kayla mentioned something about having another one over the Summer we told her she might have to wait a little longer than that til the next one ;)

Kayla showered up and then went through all her presents again so she could share everything she got with me.

Monday was her actual birthday and I made her a yummy breakfast.

She had a special present drop off from our family friends.

Then after I picked her up from school she came home to presents from us.


Her sisters card cracked her up

Air Pods!
Her number one birthday request other than a snake which she obviously would not be getting.

For dinner we went to Sushi.
We were thrilled our favorite spot had just recently opened back up!

Back home it was brownie sundaes for dessert and another round of singing Happy Birthday!

While we were singing she for some reason thought it would be a great idea to touch the flame of the candle!

Fourteen and still has so much to learn!

We sure Love this crazy kid!


Billie Jo said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to your girl, Shannon!
What a wonderful celebration for a fabulous girl.
It is so clear how sweet and happy and fun she is.
What a wonderful job you are doing, Mom!

Cindy said...

Such a fun post! Happy Birthday Kayla! (I LOVED the part about her wanting to wait until you came out to open her presents. That's priceless!)