Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kayla & Brooklyn's Spring Favorites!

 I love getting ideas and reading posts on everyones favorites whether it be our favorites or the favorites of our kids so I thought I would put together a list of some of the girls' favorites lately.

 If you haven't read any of David Shannon's books you must!
They are so cute and the artwork is great.
We just gave Kayla Alice the Fairy for her birthday and she loves having us read it over and over again!

I have this David Shannon's book on my Amazon Wish list to order next along with his How I Became a Pirate book.

I LOVE watching Jack's Big Music Show with the girls!!
It's on Nick Jr. every morning around 10:00 but I have atleast 10 episodes recorded on DVR.
Brooklyn and I watch it everynight before she goes to bed.
It used to be on at 8 PM everynight when Kayla was Brooklyn's age.
I love watching Brooklyn dance around the same way Kayla used to when she was Brooklyn's age plus it is a super cute show!!!

 Kayla doesn't watch Jack's Music Show with us anymore even though I really do try to get her to dance around and enjoy it like she used to she has grown out of it.
Instead she lays in bed everynight while her and Daddy look through her Where's Waldo books.
She got the Where's Waldo set for her 3rd Birthday from one of her Uncle's and loves looking through them.
It is fun for Mommy & Daddy too since we remember searching these pages when we were younger.

 This is what we watch if Kayla is joining us for t.v. before bed.
I will not say I am happy about it but for some reason Kayla and even  Brooklyn think this show is HILARIOUS!
Personally I think it is stupid, but every once in awhile we watch it.

 Love, Love, Love The Laurie Berkner Band!
We have this exact CD and Kayla and now Brooklyn sing along while listening to it in the car.
We also watch the Laurie Berkner Live in Concert DVD.
One of our neighbors recorded it for us and gave it to us when Kayla was about 2 and she still loves it.
It's also Brooklyn's #1 request lately to watch and there is nothing cuter than watching them both dancing around and singing!!

Another favorite DVD is this Strawberry Shortcake, Puttin on the Glitz.
Who would've thought Strawberry Shortcake would come back?
They both love watching this DVD and crack up at the first episode on the DVD.

This would be Kayla's favorite toy at the moment.
She has always loved books and reading and now she has her own lil' person Kindle.
I will not say I am happy about it because I love the good 'ole fashion books but she takes this thing everywhere and I guess it is nice because it has games and learning tools on it.

Brooklyn's favorite toy would still be her little kitchen.
It is actually Kayla's but Brooklyn loves this thing.  
She is enjoys making us food and whipping us up some dessert :)

Ariel and Sisters is great for bathtime and perfect since they don't have to fight over one toy in the bath.
They love playing with these little mermaids in the bath or shower.

Do you guys have some favorites that I am missing out on??
Please share :)


Colleen said...

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy books and the Pinkalicious books. They are pretty cute. my kids are loving that Disney show Jake and the Neverland. It's cute!

I had the same thought about Strawberry Shortcake!! E loves it too.

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for sharing.

We love getting the inside scoup
on baby toys and books.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Awww I always love Strawberry Shortcake and the Little Mermaid. Such fun memories.

Anonymous said...

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