Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Monday already!!
This weekend flew by but I feel like we got a lot done.

Friday night we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, we've had a gift card for over a year and haven't used it and after eating there I wish we had more gift cards.
I forgot how good it was and of course the girls were happy because they had pizza.
Afterwards the girls wanted to ride the "choo choo monga express" that's what the train is called at our mall.
Anyway I told them that they could go on with daddy while I ran into Pottery Barn, Kayla quickly replied with "okay, maybe next time we can all go as a family".
Ummm, No we go as a family tonight!
How do I not go after that?
  It was worth the $9.00 it cost us and listening to Kayla laugh so hard she couldn't breath plus I actually got a picture of them both looking at the camera at the same time ;)

After a short ride on the 'choo choo' train I dragged the family to Anthropologie so I could use my last gift card from my birthday.
I picked up these towels I had been wanting

and this cute little basket to fill with strawberries or a numerous amount of other things,

On Saturday morning Kayla had a t-ball game at 9am and the rest of the day was spent running some errands and relaxing.
It was supposed to rain all day Sunday so I wanted to get everything done so I could spend Sunday in pj's relaxing all day.

Of course when we woke up on Sunday morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
I made our Sunday morning breakfast which was Chocolate Chip Waffles.
After everything was cleaned up I sat down to catch up on some blog reading when I decided I think today is the day I want to paint the Living room.
So I told the hubby my plan and he was just as excited as I was, weren't ya babe?

I told him I was sick of wanting to do it for the past 2 years and I was just going to get it over with.
Off I went to Home Depot and at about 10:30 we started painting, we actually got it all done pretty quick.
By 6:00 we were done, good teamwork!

It looks so much better and now I don't have to walk by the room everyday and think
'I need to paint this room'
The paint color before was a dark brown and this room doesn't get much light so it always seemed so dark to me.
Click here if you want to see the before

Now it's so much brighter and looks a lot bigger.
We painted it Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware and it's a gray/green/blue depending on the lighting in the room.
I've been in love with this color for the past 8 years but just never knew exactly where I should put it.
I always thought it would go in my all white kitchen but since I don't have an all white kitchen it will have to do in the living/dining room for now.
 I'm glad I love it as much as I did before considering sometimes once you get it up on the wall you change your mind which is not fun after spending all that time painting!

So even if I didn't get to spend my Sunday in pj's relaxing like I had planned it still ended up being a good weekend.
Now I need to get back to doing all the cleaning I didn't do this weekend


KERRY said...

I love it Shannon, it looks great!! And wow, after that comment from Kayla, I agree, how could you not go? Kids make us feel so guilty sometimes but it is also a sweet reminder too!
Glad you had a great, busy weekend :)
I love your decor!!

Karina said...

Wow what a busy weekend. I love the paint color. You have a great mix of textures in those beautiful neutrals. that sweet little bird and book vignette is adorable. I may have to copy that one. Now I'm hungry for CPK.

Heather said...

It's really pretty. I love the color and your decorating.

Colleen said...

I love this color too. It's a must have for some place in my house!

I agree with Kerry, how could you not with that comment from Kayla. So precious!

Kelly said...

Your little girls are so adorable! I would've ridden on that train too, if my child said that same thing to me. Ha! I love your new living room color. I once used that color in my foyer. It was back in the days when Silver Sage was new. It used to be on all the walls of the Restoration Hardware store. I think you'll be happy with that color for a long time. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and becoming a follower. I am going to follow you too!

Kelli said...

Love the comment from your daughter about the train. I need to hear sweet comments from my kids every once in a while to make me slow down.
I love the new color in your family room. I have a lot of yellow in my house right now and am starting to bring in more blue and grey.
Have a great Wednesday!

Sabrina said...

I love your anthropologie goodies! :)

Your living room looks so beautiful! You picked a great color!

Jennifer S. said...

Love the new paint color! Look so good!

Val said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend......Your home is beautiful.

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

Glad you had a great weekend with your family.

Your living room looks amazing!

Do you do your own painting or does your hubby do it?

Enjoy your night! :) said...

Oh I love the color you painted the room. It looks like a Pottery Barn catalog (which is a very good thing). Love the color. Glad you had a nice time with the family. I love CPK, it's the best! Take care!

Cindy said...

Shannon I love all the spring touches around your home! They look beautiful. And that paint color is amazing. i would love to change our tan neutrals to more gray...but i think my hubby would certainly think i had gone mad!!:)
have a happy day shannon

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I just found your blog and I just love it!!
I'm your newest follower.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.