Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Amazing Day

Today I signed this girl up for Kindergarten and right after I got back in the car from doing so I realized she would be turning 5 in exactly one month from today.
Talk about a sad mommy moment!
Where does the time go???
It goes faster and faster every year and I'm not liking it!

On a happier note,
Our weather is back to perfection.
We played out back after naps today and the girls played until 7pm, they even cleaned up after themselves which is unheard of without me making them.


Oh and Brooklyn actually ate dinner
(and let me take this adorable pic of her)
She NEVER eats dinner....unless it's Pizza.

I bought fish nuggets from Trader Joe's along with their tater tots and she actually ate them.
It was pretty exciting around our house.
Since the girls both ate dinner they got dessert which consisted of some candies filled into a tiny Easter basket I had laying around.
They shared everything without arguing over who got more than the other.
It was an amazing day! ;)

The warm weather must be making everything better!

Here's to hoping it doesn't go away!!!


Kiri said...

Looks like such a fun day! I can't wait until I have my own little ones to enjoy nice sunny days with. Your girls are too cute!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love the photo of your oldest daughter jumping, what an awesome shot! I so enjoy it when my girls get along, no fighting over little things. Your girls have such beautiful smiles.


Kelli said...

Oh your girls are just so cute! I had to sign my baby up for kindergarten a few months back as well. I am having such a hard time with her starting bacause she is my baby and I just want to keep her home with me for a bit longer.
Enjoy your week!

Genn said...

Oh the kinder registration... it is sad isn't it?! Every time I think of it I don't want to. Ugh.

Glad it was a great day. I love days like that.

Your grass looks so nice and green. Our dog has completely killed our grass. It's hideous.

I hope the warmer weather stays too! It's been so nice and it makes me happy. :)

Jennifer S. said...

Great pics Shannon! I am not feeling the Kindergarten thing either! My Annie starts this fall too. :(

Colleen said...

Great pictures!!! Aww it is sad! I felt the same exact way. it's so hard when they grow up : ) I wish mine would slow down!

SSM said...

Love that picture of B.

They are having so much fun together. :)

It seems like you just planned her party and now another one?

KERRY said...

I am so amazed at these pics and how sunny and warm it looks compared to your snow pics the other week!! Wow, such a huge difference.
Your girls always look so happy, they must be such good little friends :)
Enjoy your Easter with them!!