Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

I finally got an Iphone and hooked up to Instagram to take a ton of pics!
Every Friday I will post my Friday Phone Dump with all the pics I took with Instagram that week.
If you don't want to wait until Friday and want to follow me along during the week you can find my instagram button on my sidebar.
Alright, here we go....

Ms. Kayla with her crazy morning hair, she twirls it every night so we are always in for a treat when she wakes up looking all crazy.

glad I was already in line for a coffee when I saw these two sword fighting with the drink stirrers

 family walk time, this is right before we told them it was time to get in the wagon and the screaming began(them not me)

the girls are no longer sharing a room,
 post on that coming soon,  
so Kayla got to pick out a new duvet so they would have their own bedding

 ready for another walk, this time they were happy to sit in the wagon right away,
 only because I had a little treat for them this time

Preschool is over in 2 weeks and I was sad to see this at the top of her homework the other day

warm weather fun!

oh how I love In N Out

always a stop to visit the fishies at Walmart

playdough playtime while Kayla is still at school

cool glasses

Thanks for checking out our everyday moments this week, hope to see you next Friday with some more ;)
Have a great Weekend!

life rearranged


Cyn said...

Lovely pics! Have a great weekend!!

Jes said...

Ms. Kayla and her hair are mighty precious!
And that burger? Just stop. I'm starving.
x Jes,

Kacey said...

Yay! You got your iPhone! Following you on instagram now. :)

I can't get over how much more peaceful your life seems with your two sweet girls. My two crazy boys are already bouncing off the walls and summer hasn't even started yet!

Genn said...

Since I follow you on instagram I feel like I got the sneak peek to this post! ;)

Hey how do you get that instagram button on the sidebar? I'd like to do that too but can't figure it out.

Kelli said...

Love the craz hair. That is how Juliana's hair looks every morning!
I love the old window you have on your fireplace!
Have a great weekend!

KERRY said...

I love all the pics Shannon. The duvet is lovely and that wagon is so cool! The crazy hair made me smile :)
Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

Your girls are just beautiful- love looking at your pictures! :)

Colleen said...

I was so happy to see you on there : )You must be loving your new phone. Hope you guys are having a nice weekend!

Sabrina said...

Yay! You're on Instagram now! I will look you up. I'm Sabro77, so don't think a creeper is looking at your pics! :)

SSM said...

Oh my, looking forward to reading that post.