Monday, August 20, 2012

New in the Shop

I've been wanting more color in our home lately so I've been adding fun bright colors here and there.
Last week while Kayla was at school Brooklyn and I went to a few craft stores and I loaded up on some fun things to make for the shop.

I ended up making some fun magnet boards which I love!
The bright flower prints on each one of them are so fun and add so much color to a room.
I had to keep the one above but don't worry I made another one for the shop just in case somebody else fell in love with the print like I have. ;)

I've included two magnets with each one so you can hang a picture, note, invitation etc. 
Right now I have nothing on mine I just love the print too much to cover it up.

You can hang these with the ribbon they come with or you can take the ribbon off and hang by the hooks on the back of each board.
Either way they are a definitely going to add some fun color to your room!

Click below to be taken to the shop,

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Colleen said...

All of these are very pretty Shannon. I think they would make great gifts!