Friday, April 19, 2013


life rearranged

My week through my iphone,

Pretty roses picked up at Trader Joe's last Friday,

Brooklyn was not feeling well last Friday and wanted to lay in our bed, Kayla decided to read her sister a book to help her feel better,

Sunday was Kayla and mommy day, we did some shopping and got her birthday party paid for at the bowling alley when I asked her what she wanted for lunch she said a cheeseburger. I spotted a Five Guys down the street which I had been wanting to try out.  We both agreed it was delicious!

I had to come home and make pasta for dinner since I had already promised hubby it but needless to say I was not very hungry after eating a big lunch ;)

Brooklyn LOVES finding out our cat is on her bed waiting for her at naptime, he was at the end of the bed and then snuck up closer to her to cuddle, it was too cute not to get a pic of them.

A relaxing bubble bath this week was much needed!

Brooklyn had been trying so hard at ballet to get "Dancer of the Day" and finally this week she got it.

After picking up Kayla from school we surprised her with a trip to Disneyland.

Kayla and I before the trip went downhill.
It was definitely not one of our fun times there.
I will not name any names but a certain almost six year old decided to spend half her time crying.

After eating some dinner we met up with our little friend and her mommy. 
The girls were happy to go on a few more rides with them before we had to head home.
Atleast we left with no tears ;)

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Happy Friday!

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{cindy} said...

so much to love here shannon!:)
you captured some great moments. having those phones so handy really makes it easy doesn't it?:)

i love the dancer of the day, her face could not be any prouder! we love five guys too!! and oh we are ready for a disney world trip!! we've shed a few tears there in our day too!!but glad it ended smily.

have a happy day shannon

love the breathe sign over your tub...perfect!:)