Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

We could not have had better weather this past weekend.
It was sunny and in the 80's the whole time and we made sure to enjoy every bit of it.
Kayla had a game at 9:00 Saturday morning and after that the girls and I came home, Kayla changed and we headed out to Home Depot.  
I promised they could swim all day in the back but I had to pick up some herbs to plant while they did.
I also picked up a tomato plant and decided to try out some cantaloupe as well.
I knew I did not feel like coming home and making lunch so we got McDonald's and then headed home.
Daddy was gone all day enjoying his guy time at the Long Beach Grand Prix so it was just us girls all day.
They played outside the entire day coming in I think twice for about a 30 minute cartoon break and then they were back out running around.
Sunday morning after some chocolate chip waffles that the girls had been waiting and asking for all week Kayla and I got dressed and I took her to Anthropologie for their Earth Day event.
She got to decorate a recycled can and plant a flower to bring home.
We shopped, ate lunch and then walked around the mall for a little bit but we were both hot and decided to get back home to hang out with Brooklyn and daddy who were spending the day outside playing in the water.

After an entire weekend spent outside lounging around I am definitely ready for Summer!


Kelli said...

Love the pictures of the girls. We had beautiful weather here this weekend as well. 87 yesterday. Before the kids left for school they asked if they could swim when the came home.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Lucky you to have warm weather! Still cold here :( The girls are as cute as ever.


Colleen said...!!! it's like 40's here today. wahhhhh!!! cute swimsuits on the girls.

{cindy} said...

pefectly sweet weekend shannon! we had the some kind here and boy did we need it.
love the little anthro project!!:)
have a happy day