Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kayla Loses Her 1st Tooth and Graduates From Kindergarten

If it wasn't already enough for my heart to take in Kayla graduating from Kindergarten she had to go and lose her first tooth last night as well!

Last night while I was cleaning up the kitchen and Kayla was just finishing her dinner(always the last one at the table) she held something in her hand looking at it disgusted and asked "Mom, what is this?" I glanced over seeing the look of disgust on her face and said "hold on, let me finish this".
Once I got closer I immediately realized it was her tooth.
Silly girl didn't even know, she said it was in her mouth floating around.
Thank goodness she didn't swallow it!

Glad we were prepared with a tooth fairy pillow and all.
She was so excited to tell daddy who had already jumped in the shower so she ran and grabbed her pad of paper and slipped him a note under the door for him to read when he got out of the shower ;)

My tooth fell out. Now!

She slipped her tooth into her tooth fairy pillow before bed and woke up one happy little girl!
I was pretty worried the tooth fairy might get caught since she is usually still awake when I go to bed or wakes up when I check on her but luckily she was exhausted from all the running around lately and was fast asleep.

Not only was she a happy girl to find money in her pillow but it was also the very last day of school!

No more half days of school for this one.
She is super excited to be starting first grade in a few months!

After a few last day of school pics by the front door we took her to her last day of Kindergarten and got to watch her sing patriotic songs with all the other Kindergarten classes.

We also got to see her receive an award for Excellent attendance.
We didn't even know she was going to receive this, she only missed 2 days out of the entire year and there were only about 20 other kids who got it.

Afterward all the classes went back to their rooms and we got to watch them recite some fun poems they learned throughout the year as well as see Kayla receive her certificate for finishing Kindergarten.

We are going to miss her teacher so much!
She loved our little Kayla like she was one of her own.
Our fingers are crossed that Brooklyn has her in a few years too.

After everything was done we were free to take our big girl home but not before a few photo ops with a few of her best buddies!

I had some fun goodies set up for the girls to kick off their Summer.
They were excited to see some new stuff to play with and have been playing with the balls and Lalaloopsy mermaids all day.
We took a break from playing for a little bit to get lunch, Kayla got to choose so we went to Chickfila which nobody minds eating at ;)

I can't believe the school year is already out.
I was a bit sad when we got home from school, I'm going to miss the routine and seeing some of my friends I've made throughout this year.
I am looking forward to being able to sleep in, as much as the girls will actually let me and lounging around on the days we can!
We have so many fun things planned for this Summer lets just hope it doesn't go by too fast!


Colleen said...

great picture of the 4 of you! she is so cute Shannon. Honestly, that's a big day!! I love all the pictures from her last day. what an adorable theme!

Kelli said...

You took some wonderful pictures. I love all the goodies you had out for them after school! I am sure they loved them.

I love the note she wrote for your husband and that she did not know it was her tooth at first. So cute!

Now let summer begin!!

{cindy} said...

loosing a tooth and the last day of k?? wow, that WAS a doozie of a day for a mama's heart!:)
love so much Shannon...
the note to daddy
the pillow
the summer goodies
the patriotic outfits

and those first/last day of school photos. she looks so much more grown-up! so much more confident and ready for first grade.:)

love the way they ended the school year and your photos are beautiful. especially the last one:)
have a happy day shannon said...

Congrats to Miss Kayla on getting through Kindergarten. Now she's a really big girl and going to school a whole day! That's a great family picture of you guys.