Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Goofball

There are only 2 days left of school until Summer vacation around here which I am definitely looking forward to but I'm not happy that I will soon have a first grader and a preschooler!
Brooklyn will start preschool in August and will be going half days twice a week.
It will be a big change for me having 2 mornings a week of free time and I will definitely miss my little buddy.
This little girl loves running errands around town or snuggling right next to me while she watches one of her favorite movies.
It will be very different not having her home with me all the time.
She is such a goofball and can always make me laugh with her strange faces and crazy ideas.

For the next 2 days while Kayla's at school it'll just be her and I so I plan on soaking in as much of this little girl as I can.


Kelli said...

Yes soak in these next two days!
She sure is cute...I love her smile.

Colleen said...

so cute! I think that haircut really suits her!