Friday, June 7, 2013

So Far

We are only 2 days into Summer around here but so far so good.
Thursday morning we had absolutely nothing planned and no where to be so we lounged around and did nothing.
It was amazing!

I did worry that maybe the girls would get bored and start complaining but they both said at the end of the night that it was a fun day.
Maybe the mess they made in the family room had something to do with it,

While I was working out they decided to bring out every stuffed animal they had and take over the couch.
I decided I would just drink my tea outside since they were playing so nicely.

I guess that gave them enough time to move all the toys to another part of the room.

Other than the lounging around part we did have to say goodbye to our butterflies.
It was time to set them free and I kept putting it off one more day for the past 3 because the girls didn't want to but I really didn't want to find one dead on our watch so off they went this morning.
Earlier this week Brooklyn finished her butterfly life cycle crafts and made her actual butterfly.
Her patience with coloring and crafting has gotten so much better in just the last few weeks!

The butterflies were so pretty and it was so amazing to watch the entire process.

Both of the girls wanted to hold one so badly but every time I would get one and try to hand it off it flew away.

We set out some watermelon in hopes they might stick around the yard for awhile.
It worked for a little bit but soon enough they fluttered away.

Maybe we'll see them drop in now and then but either way we will definitely be doing this again next Spring!
So far that's been our Summer, nothing too exciting but not too boring either. 
Next week we will be working on some fun crafts from Kiwi Crate
(If you do decide to sign up you'll get $10.00 off your first order by using this link)
If you haven't heard of them and have kids you're missing out but don't worry I will share the awesome activities with you next week.
In the meantime have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...
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WhiteWhispers2u said...

They are beautiful! What a great experience for the Girls.
They look like they are enjoying their vacation.

Enjoy! :)

Sarah said...

You're right, the butterflies are really pretty! I love how close you were able to get to them to see their fuzz too. So cute! I'm like you and when the kids are playing well together I usually just let them go with it...unless of course it's dangerous or likely to make a mess that can't be cleaned up. Looks like they had fun!

Colleen said...

my kids love being at home. It's funny because I crave home time and so do they. the stuffed animals are cracking me up spread out everywhere!