Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kiwi Crate

I don't know if any of you have heard of Kiwi Crate or not but if your kids love doing crafts this is perfect for them!
I recently ordered our first box to find out if it is something the girls would enjoy.
We love doing crafts over here and I spent so much time last Summer trying to come up with new crafts to do and then out shopping, gathering all the items needed for the crafts that when I heard about a box that is mailed directly to your home already including EVERYTHING you need I ordered it right away!
The boxes are shipped once a month and include a different theme each time, there are about 2 crafts in each box and a few other fun activities included.

The month of May included a bird theme and the girls were so excited to get started on on their crafts.
I couldn't believe how organized everything included was and how easy and detailed the directions were. 

We got started right away and the girls were pretty excited to dump a whole bottle of glue in a cup to make their own bird nest.

What could be more fun than sticking your hands in sticky glue?!

After the string was completely coated in glue they got to spread it over the bowls which were included, to form their nests.
We all thought this was so fun!

While waiting for the nests to dry we moved on to creating our bird eggs.

Here are the eggs all finished inside there little nests.

One of the extra activities in the box included spoons to have egg races.
The girls have had a good time racing each other up and down the hall.

Next up was the bird costume, the girls didn't need much help making their eggs and nest but for this one I had to help them a bit more, which I didn't mind at all.

We moved the craft to the family room to give us more room to work.
The girls got to work punching out the pieces while I threaded their wings.

We fit their masks to their heads and then they decorated them with feathers.

There are 3 different beaks included  to choose from which can easily be changed out whenever they want to be a different bird.

I can't tell you how much the girls enjoyed putting these crafts together.
They keep asking me when the next box is coming!!

I definitely recommend Kiwi Crate, it was so much fun and the price for everything is unbeatable!
If you use this link you can use my $10.00 off your first order which makes the box only $9.95!!
If you have more than one kid you can easily add more materials for only $7.95 a kid, which is what I have done.
It's a pretty great deal for all of the items included inside the box especially for how much fun everyone will have!
If you decide to order a box let me know, I would love to hear what your kids thought about it!!

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If my kids were still little I would so buy that. Kids would love this. So fun! Don't you just love Summer?!