Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

One of my very favorite spots to take pictures!
I love pumpkin patches, the bright colors,  the cute Fall clothes I get to put the girls in(except for Brooklyn she picks out her own outfits the white fluffy vest was all her she refused to take it off so the entire outfit had to be planned accordingly), all the fun they have and tons of pumpkins.
We went early Monday morning to avoid the crowds and I'm glad we did because it was going to be a warm day and we avoided the heat by getting in and out.
The girls know by now first things first, mommy's gotta take pictures and if you're good and cooperate you get to have fun later!
Although I'm pretty sure they had fun the whole time.
Oh and I'm sorry for the overload of pictures but let's just say I cut it down a lot!!!

Cute picture of Brooklyn, but not so good of Kayla

Cute picture of Kayla but not so much of Brooklyn

It's how most of the pictures of them together turned out,

After the photos in the field we headed back to pick out a few pumpkins to bring home.

They had so many to choose from I wanted them all but refrained to only picking out a few.

The girls each picked out one to bring home except Brooklyn who every time we turned around had added in another one.
We had to tell her no, just one, many times.
They were all "just soooo cute!"

After choosing our pumpkins the girls wanted to go feed the goats.

Then it was pony rides,

and climbing on the hay barrels.
Brooklyn was not into this whatsoever, daddy had to place her up there and then she wanted down immediately which meant daddy had to pick her up and bring her down.

Kayla didn't mind climbing up and down one bit!

Eventually it was time to leave, the girls really wanted to do the corn maze but it was closed at the time. 
I'm thinking maybe a trip back out after school one day so they can do the maze and maybe I can pick out a few more pumpkins or check out the gift shop again but don't tell my husband!!
We could go broke spending money on holiday goods around this house!


Colleen said...

your photos are gorgeous! you really got some good ones to frame of the girls.

Sabrina said...

Great pics! We love going to the pumpkin patch too!

Billie Jo said...

Such beautiful pictures of a wonderful day!
Pumpkin patch = love. : )

Tara said...

Two beautiful girls... gorgeous photography... adorable blog... I'll be back for sure! PS~ nice to 'meet' you~

{cindy} said...

what a great day!! I can't wait to get to our pumpkin patch. and looks like you had perfect weather enough for fall clothes but not freezing, that's what i'm hoping for too.
love the hay stacks to climb on and you are right all the pumpkins are soooo cute!:) hard not to buy one of all those whacky little varieties!:)
have a happy day shannon said...

Oh how I love the pumpkin patch too. This was our first year that it was just me and hubby. We still had fun. We shared a roasted corn cob, picked out pumpkins and other vegies and did some major people watching. Love all yur photos!