Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas day always flies by so quickly and I'm often thinking of how many pictures I didn't get but nonetheless it is always an amazing time.  This year I was extremely sad come nightfall that it was already all over.  Their was so much excitement and fun that I cannot begin to describe it all.  I'm so glad I have a few pictures to help bring back the memories of our day(apparently my relaxed attitude of Christmas this year carried over to my photography considering I didn't have my camera on the appropriate settings for just about every picture!)

The girls got more than they needed or wanted and went to bed happy as could be excited to play with all their new toys the next day.  As I cleaned the house I had a feeling of sadness that all the decor would be coming down soon and another year was just around the corner.  We packed up all the decorations yesterday morning and I'm already missing the twinkle in the reflections as I walk throughout the house but I'm left with a smile knowing that there was another amazing Christmas in the books!


Kelli said...

We took our decorations down yesterday as well and I too was a bit sad.
I love the girls Christmas dresses.

Colleen said...

All so true, isn't it? Nothing like it compares. I'm taking mine down tomorrow. At least the decor. Not quite ready to part with the tree!! haha!