Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I can't believe it's over, it really flew by and we were busy pretty much everyday!
It was a fun week off, hubby and I had a little getaway of wine tasting and when we got home we had a family outing to the movies with the girls to see "The Muppets Most Wanted".  They loved it but I could have gone without seeing it, I was falling asleep in the theater which might have also been from the lack of sleep from wine tasting.  It's so hard for me to sleep in hotels but still so nice to get away for a night now and then!
Wednesday it rained, of course!  We have had beautiful weather for months and of course this week we get rain and cooler temps.  Brooklyn had ballet in the morning so we spent the remainder of the day doing our Kiwi Crate box which kept them busy playing all day, LOVE Kiwi Crate!  Thursday and Friday daddy was gone for work so the girls and I went to the Kids Discovery Science Center and Friday night we ended the week off with a fondue night!   If you follow my instagram feed you've seen some of these already, but here are a few pictures of our week.   I'll be back with the Discovery Science pictures along with a few from our weekend soon.

always wants to practice, she loves this sport!

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Genn said...

I'm the same way in hotels too! When we went to Napa I hardly slept. And we saw Muppets this week too. Yawn!! I was thankful I had a book on my kindle app on my phone to read! Jake seemed to like it much more than me. Haha.
Your food tray with chocolate is drool worthy!

We still have this week off for spring break too and I'm already losing my mind!