Monday, March 31, 2014

The Weekend

Both of the girls had games Saturday morning, Kayla played at 9 and then Brooklyn's game was right after.  I'm really enjoying watching the girls play this year especially when it's a Saturday and they both have games, it's so fun.  
After their games we had my parents and the aunts and uncles who came out to see the girls play over for lunch.  The weather was so perfect on Saturday that the girls spent the day running around in swimsuits playing in the water.  Around 4 o'clock it was getting chilly so they had to come in but they had been outside since noon so I would say they had fun!

Brooklyn and her buddy before their games

Brooklyn & Jonas holding hands

while the girls were out in the yard I got a bit of my Easter decorating done

Sunday we headed over to my parents to spend the day with my grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousin.  My grandparents had been wanting to see the girls and Jonas since it had been awhile so I made sure to get a few pictures of them with their great grandkids as well as a picture of the cousins together, the last time I got a picture of Brooklyn, Kayla and Jonas, he was just born.  He is so big right now, the perfect age if he could just stay a chubby little boy, love that stage!!  We stayed at my parents pretty late for a school night and the girls slept in late this morning, it was rough getting up and getting ready for school after a late night and the past week off.  Kayla is going to be one tired little girl at school pick up!

a little video of  yesterday,


Billie Jo said...

Such a beautiful weekend with family, Shannon!
You have the sweetest ball players around!
Hope you have a cozy week ahead.
We are going to be 65 here tomorrow!!!!

Becca said...

that cheek squish!! said...

Loved seeing the video...looks like it was a lovely day!