Thursday, April 3, 2014

Children's Discovery Center

Last week while the girls were on Spring Break the girls and I took a day to drive out to Palm Desert to go to the Children's Discovery Center.  We had only been there one other time and it was about 3 years ago so it was something they were excited to check out again.  They had a lot of fun running from area to area, Brooklyn's favorite spot was the pizza shop where she got to pretend to make pizza.  She was serving pizza to anyone sitting down and I could barely get her to leave that section to move on to something else.  Kayla said her favorite part of the day was pulling herself up with the rope.  She was quite impressed with herself being able to pull herself up on her own.  She even helped out her little sister who couldn't quite do it yet.  I enjoyed watching them using their imagination throughout the entire time.  We were done after only a couple of hours which worked out perfectly because it was right around lunch time.  We found a great little pizza spot and of course nobody complained about that for lunch.  The entire ride home they discussed their favorite parts of the morning.   A week off of school was a great way to get us all excited about Summertime, which seems to be right around the corner already!

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