Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patty's Day

I wish I could show you all the fun and delicious green food we had for St. Patrick's Day but I've got nothing.  Atleast the girls were dressed in their green attire and I did have the table set and ready for a breakfast of green eggs, sausage and green milk(instead we had banana chocolate chip bread) but all my plans pretty much went out the window when my husband woke me up before he went to work at 5:30 am to tell me our refrigerator wasn't working.  The freezer was fine but the fridge side was at 82 degrees and supposedly it had been completely shut.  Let me tell you it's not fun throwing out an entire fridge worth of stuff or cleaning up melted butter!!!  Not a great way to start the day or the week.  Luckily it's working fine now and since the repairman that I waited for NEVER showed up I'm hoping it was just the door that was left open and it does not happen again.  The upside is that I do have a few pictures of our day and my refrigerator is now spotless!


Billie Jo said... sorry about the refrigerator issue...Oh...yuck.

But you did indeed make the day special for your cuties!!!!

Hope it continues to work for you!
And gotta love those dependable repairmen...ughh!

Sabrina said...

Bummer about your fridge! :(

Everything looked so festive! Nice Job!

What does the Shamrock candle smell like?