Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week

Happy Spring!  
We didn't get much of a Winter this year and although I'm a bit sad on the lack of snow we got I'm okay with it and I'm not at all unhappy with the fact that school will be out in just a few more months!

This week Kayla had Spring pictures at school and also had her first school project which was pretty much done by moi and on very little time thanks to extracurricular activities and the fact that Kayla would much rather spend her days reading for the read a thon that was also going on this week as well.  Along with all that excitement FROZEN came out this week and that is all I have been able to watch the last few days unless I go into another room.  To say Brooklyn was excited to find it in our home after school on Tuesday is an understatement!  Kayla was pretty excited as well, we skipped all homework that day, shhh don't tell, and ate candy and watched the movie together instead.  
Thursday was the first day of Spring so I had a little surprise waiting in the car for the girls when I picked them up from school, just something small, a bunny cup, slinky and peeps on a stick.  I also picked some gorgeous flowers from the backyard, I have two rose bushes that bloom amazing in Spring but by Summer it's just too hot for them so I like to make sure to enjoy them before it's too late.

 she actually loved her hair curled this time, yay!

Kayla turned in her project this morning and I started a new book I picked up, which is very good so far.  The girls are off for Spring Break next week and I could not be more excited!  We've got some fun things planned and I sure am looking forward to a few lazy mornings in my pajamas while the girls do some crafts!
Have a great Weekend!

Frozen has Arrived!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, you are one amazing mom!
Your girls are blessed to have you!
A d they are the sweetest...
Enjoy your weekend, and your break!
Frozen has made it into the family room. Still in the plastic, but we are making progress!!!! ; )

Kelli said...

Enjoy your spring break! We still have a few weeks until ours. Do you get anytime off at Easter?

Becca said...

Kayla's hair looks so sweet!!

Elena said...

Spring break sounds like so much fun together!