Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Magic

"Magic is something you make"
This is one of my favorite quotes that rings true around the holiday season.  With Kayla approaching what might just be her last year "Believing" I treasure these moments of family traditions and fun even more.  She has mentioned lately a boy in her class who doesn't believe in Santa because it's silly but quickly reassured me that she still believes in Magic!   I'm hoping she holds onto this for the rest of her life and hoping I can create as much magic as possible for her and her sister to hold on to.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is our version of the Polar Express.  Last Friday Kayla had Polar Express day at school and they watched the movie with their classmates and Brooklyn and I watched it together at home that same day so I figured this past weekend would be the perfect time to play it all out.  Since we had already watched the movie the day before I decided to read the book instead.  Just like last year I thought they would have a hunch about what the night held but neither had any idea what was going to happen.   After reading the book the girls got ready for bed only to find their golden tickets laying upon their pillows.  I kid you not they still get extremely excited.  Brooklyn screaming with excitement and Kayla doing her crazy dance they love this little tradition so much making it even more amazing for us as parents!
After slippers are put on and everyone is ready the girls must get their tickets punched and then climb into their seats where they will always find a Santa hat, milk and something sweat to eat.
Mommy and daddy stop for some coffee and then we are off to check out Christmas lights nearby all while listening and some singing of Christmas carols.  After about an hour or so of fun it's time to head back home to climb into bed.  Brooklyn is always already passed out in the back seat, which this year she asked if we could please go home because she was so tired and wanted to go to sleep in her bed(she's definitely my daughter!)  
Our Polar Express night in pictures,

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Billie Jo said...

Shannon, I have no words.
You and your hubby are amazing.
The joy and excitement and MAGIC in those photos made my heart smile. I know they will hold that magic in their hearts forever. And for the record, when my kids ask...I still believe. : )