Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Performances

It's been a week full of performances around here.  Brooklyn had been waiting for her Christmas Performance for the past two months talking about it and so excited to be in it!  Tuesday night was the night and she loved every second being up on that stage.  She might have even been a bit pushy making sure nobody stood in front of her by nudging the others when they crowded her space.  Girl was born to be on stage, in fact I think I have two stage stars in the future!   Anywho Brooklyn had hoped to be Mary in the play but instead was a townsperson.  She wasn't thrilled with her costume because, well she is Brooklyn and loves to be fancy but her part was absolutely perfect.
She had the best line of the show and was the last one to speak.  It was beyond adorable and we were so proud of her!

Brooklyn and her best buddy, Ali

"and when we trust in Jesus we give him the very best gift we could ever give, we give him OURSELVES!"

Such a fun night supporting our little girl!

Kicking off the week of performances was Kayla with her Sundance Singers Choir which performed last Saturday at her schools breakfast with Santa.
They sang three carols and helped us get in the Christmas spirit.

Killing time while we waited for it to start, Brooklyn of course wanted a picture of herself and then took one of  mommy and daddy.

Kayla and her pal Robbie after their performance

Last night was the last performance of the week ending with Kayla and all of the 2nd graders reciting Twas' the Night Before Christmas and singing and dancing to the cutest Christmas songs I've ever heard.  Whoever choreographed their moves was a genius, definitely my favorite singing performance so far!!!  I'll try to get a video of one of the songs up here later this evening but not sure if it will let me post such a long video.  After the show the grandparents all came back for some cupcakes and coffee and celebrated the little stars in the house.  

Kayla did so good with her awesome dance moves and has the confidence to do so(girl knows how to shake it and I have no idea where she got it from!).  

searching the audience trying to find her family

I might be exhausted after this busy week but I sure do wish we could go back in time and watch each of their performances over and over again!

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Miss G said...

My 20 month old is wearing that same red and white striped kitty cat shirt today! I love it! :) Kelly