Monday, February 23, 2015

President's Week Off from School

Last week the girls had the whole week off from school for Presidents week.  The weather was perfect, in the high 70's low 80's all week!  On Tuesday the girls and I ventured out to Palm Desert to visit The Living Desert.  We spent the entire day walking around visiting all the animals and gardens and had a wonderful time. 

When we got home I realized that I was in such a rush to leave that morning that I forgot to defrost the meat for dinner so I made an excellent decision last minute to make banana chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and nobody complained!

Wednesday morning we took it easy and stayed in our pajamas most of the day until softball practice that evening.  The girls did some rock painting and played inside all day.

Thursday we went to chickfila for lunch and then ran some errands.  We accomplished a lot that day shopping and I was happy to get both of their Easter dresses picked out and purchased, one less thing to worry about.

Friday the girls were so excited to be going to their grandparents for the night.  Brooklyn was already packing before I could even begin to help pick out her outfits!

Kayla was ready as well!!

We dropped the girls off and headed to get our taxes done and then went out for a delicious dinner and met up with hubby's brothers later for a fun night without kids.

We weren't picking up the girls until Saturday evening so we spent all morning in bed watching movies and later got ready and went out to see American Sniper, great movie, and then out to dinner again!  Two quiet dinners in a row, it was heaven! 

While we were enjoying our day the girls were surprised to find out that they would be going on their very first train ride with grandma and grandpa.

They had such a great time enjoying lots of ice cream, movie watching and eating all the unhealthy food that grandparents are good for.

Sunday morning hubby made us all homemade chocolate chip muffins and I declared a pj day!  It rained all day and later in the evening while I watched the Oscars the girls set up the living room with their "friends" and took turns reading them stories.

This morning the girls and I were back to reality and it was hard getting up and off to school.  Good thing practice tonight has already been canceled due to the rain and their are only four more weeks until they are on Spring Break!!


zai | Timeshare attorney said...

great information, tnx for share : D

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Sounds busy busy but good to always add some fun into your life ! Balance is a good thing :)

Banana Pancakes Sounds so good right now lol

Kelli said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! We used to have this week off but a few years ago they took the week away and just gave us two three day weekends.

Tara said...

Looks like it was the Perfect week off for ALL of you!