Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of the Season Softball Parties

After the softball season both of the girls had their end of season softball party.  Brooklyn's was first at a nearby pizza spot, the girls all enjoyed playing video games and collecting hundreds of tickets to trade in for tiny junky toys and candy.  Eventually it was time for her to receive her trophy, she was so excited to get her trophy she had a huge smile on her face when she went up to receive it.  The coach even explained her as the happiest kid, always with a huge smile on her face!

She had so much fun playing this season and improved a lot!!  She says she wants to play again next year and we are eager to see how much she progresses in the next season.

Kayla's team party was at sky jump which was a lot of fun for all the kids!!  They got to run around and play for an hour before the pizza party even began.  Both of the girls loved the jousting station.  

Last time we came Brooklyn would not even get on it but she kept saying she would do it with Adam this time but let me tell you her face had terrified all over it the first time.  She got over it after her first fall and then this was all she wanted to do.

She's going to miss her little friend!

I'm really going to miss Kayla's team and all the parents.  After spending so much time at practices and games together it's a bit sad not seeing those same people every day.

The girls had an awesome pizza party, their tables were filled with coloring sheets, they got to play games while eating and got really cute softball cupcakes as well.

Kayla got the "top team mate" award and of course was happy to add another trophy to her growing collection!


Even though I miss seeing all the softball families every night we are definitely enjoying our evenings being back to normal.  School is out next Thursday and I could not be more excited for the those lazy days to come!!


Becca said...

I love how determined Kayla looks on the sky jump thing! And yay for Brooklyn for facing her fear of it!

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