Friday, May 22, 2015

Second Grade Open House

We are down to less than two weeks until Summer and I am still a bit surprised how fast this year has gone by!!  Kayla had her open house on Wednesday night and when we walked up to her desk we saw this,

"You're o-Fish-ally a Third Grader"
WHAT!!!  she's going to be in third grade already?  It just seems so strange to me that she is going to be a third grader.  She is excited and sad about the upcoming Summer, she loved her teachers this year and made some great friends she will miss over the break but she knows we have lots of fun planned and she can't wait for it all to begin.

I loved wandering around her classroom and seeing all of the art she created and listening to her read all of her reports.  The classroom theme was ocean and the rainforest they did a great job decorating it for all of the parents.

I love seeing the pride in my girls faces when they get to show us everything they've made for Open House.  Of course I loved everything but when we first walked up to go into Kayla's classroom they had silhouettes of each kid on the wall outside and above was a sweet poem they wrote about themselves, this was my absolute favorite thing because she described herself perfectly!!

Love my amazing soon to be Third Grader!


Kelli said...

Cute projects! I am having a hard time with the fact that Juliana is going to be in the 3rd grade as well.

Terry said...

What an amazing and perfect description of an amazing and perfect granddaughter. We are always excited and happy to see you too. Love you so much Kayla. I can't believe you are a 3rd grader!

Becca said...

Aww, her poem is perfect! Can't believe she's a third grader!!