Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

Saturday was our last softball game of the season.  Kayla's team made it to the championships and had their final game at 9am.  All season their gmaes were timed and usually went 2-3 innings but for the championship there was no time limit and they would play a full 6 inning game.  They ended up losing but ending the season in 2nd place is still pretty great!

I'm pretty excited to have my evenings back to normal for a few months until soccer starts!

This little guy was Brooklyn's best buddy throughout the season.  So glad she had such a sweet little guy to play with during all those practices and games she was dragged to. 

After the game my dad took us all out to lunch at Bob's Big Boy, the girls had never been there and it had been years since I had.

We went home after lunch and got cleaned up before we headed back out to the end of season award ceremony.  We thought we had to go to receive our 2nd place medal but realized after being there for almost 2 hours we didn't.   We were a bit annoyed since we had a party to be at but the girls enjoyed hanging out with their friends.

Kayla'as team was goofing around and started a little train with each other and one of the moms told them to go down the center and once they did all of the other teams joined in and it was really cute.

We left early when we found out we didn't have to be there and headed straight to Palm Springs to celebrate my father in laws birthday.  I put together this cute assortment of garden goodies for his present.  I loved it and I'm pretty sure he did too.

The girls couldn't wait to get into the mini cupcakes!  Brooklyn loves bacon so she grabbed her maple bacon cupcake right away.

The girls had so much fun!  We were there until almost midnight but Brooklyn didn't quite make it the entire night.  It was a very long and busy day! 

Sunday morning was a lounge around the house day.  I was so happy to be home all day with no where to be.   The girls did some painting and played outside.

I took a morning nap, did laundry and got some yardwork done in the backyard.   I served up some appetizers for everyone after their hardwork washing the cars and Brooklyn brought me a "bouquet flowers" she had picked for me

Before dinner Kayla got some 'Thank You's' taken care of.

and after dinner we took early showers and the girls watched Inspector Gadget before an early bedtime to make up for the long night prior.  We are down to a little less than 3 weeks of school left and I cannot wait!!


Billie Jo said...

Fun weekend, Shannon!
Congrats on the soccer...and on having your weeknights back. ; )
Your girls are alway so smiley!
I'm certain that comes from having such a happy, loving home. : )

Becca said...

What a fun weekend!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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